Thinking about trying again

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Thinking about trying again

Postby kmr » July 3rd, 2006, 8:39 am

Just wanted to say hi to everyone. I have tried M.F. approx. 5 times or so?? I never make it past a couple of days and then I get soooooooo hungry and go off it. I don't know why. My husband gets so upset because I spend so much money every time I try, then never stick with the plan. I think I always mess up when it comes to cooking dinner for the family. Everything smells so good and then I cave in. I want to try M.F. again ( I must be a glutton for punishment) because I need to see quick results to stay on a plan or I get bored very fast. I have always been slender up until about 5 years ago when several major life crisis happened all at once. I turned to food for comfort and sugar for fast energy to keep going, and have since gained an astonishing 80 lbs. which I cannot carry on my small frame, plus it's finally beginning to really effect my health and I cannot keep up with my gorgeous 7 yr. old twin boys. It breaks my heart that I cannot be the fun mom that I want to be with them. They deserve the best of me and I cannot give them my best right now, being so overweight. Thanks for allowing me to introduce myself and brief you on my situation regarding weight. Even when I'm not doing the plan, I miss this forum. It's the only forum that I enjoy being part of because of the people. I'm not into "chatting" on the internet otherwise. Good luck to everyone with reaching their goals.
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