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All that hard work and now what? Let's talk about how to keep those pounds off...

Postby DogMa » December 24th, 2007, 1:02 pm

Well, but the tank-top thing wasn't because of the weight loss. I had to still work on body image to get to that point (and still do; just today, someone saw my jacket hanging up and said she thought there was a child in the office because it's so tiny and I had to bite back a comment about it not being that small - although, granted, I also think it's because the jacket has a big Eeyore on the back). And it's not like I've never dated before. I've dated at all different weights (not that much, but that wasn't all my choice!).

But those are two things I can say for sure I would not have done without losing weight. And the 5K races, of course, but they're not really major in my eyes. And they're more a result of my fitness program, which I see as separate from the weight loss since I didn't start till after I'd lost the weight (and since I've followed fitness programs before, for extended periods, although not as consistently as I do now or for quite this long).

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