Slow losers & Plateau hitters

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Slow losers & Plateau hitters

Postby cowabunga » November 9th, 2006, 10:09 am

I am a slow loser. I have been on this for 5 weeks and have only lost 8 lbs. I say only because I see so many of you losing 25 lbs by now. Anyway, I was just wondering what the slow losers & plateau hitters do to stay motivated.

I am not giving up but just wanted to hear how others are dealing with this.
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Postby VictoriousNat » November 9th, 2006, 12:04 pm

First of all, hugs to you!!!

Second, take your measurements and increase your water intake if you can...add 1 liter for starters.

I have colleagues who were doing a similar plan and were losing 1# a week consistently. When two upped their water intake they started losing more. And the same has proved true for me.

Taking my measurements has kept me focused. My loss in inches is far greater than my loss in pounds and is therefore more noticeable than people I know who have lost more pounds than I. So take heart and try to track your loss in inches. I live for the tape measure rather than the scale. :-P

So hang in there and as you said, don't give up.
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Postby DogMa » November 9th, 2006, 3:45 pm

I'm the queen of the slow losers. But considering I'd reached a point where I couldn't lose on any other plan, as long as I saw ANY loss here, I was willing to stick it out. Plus after a while, it became a habit.

I also gave myself occasional breaks, which I wouldn't necessarily recommend to anyone else. It seemed to help jolt my body back into losing mode, plus it kind of broke things up a little when I knew I was going to be on the program longer than most.

Hang in there, though. It took me forEVER, but I did make it.

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