Introducing myself & a question for everyone.

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Introducing myself & a question for everyone.

Postby cspa522 » August 29th, 2006, 6:22 am

Hi, my name is Carrie and I'm in St. Louis, Missouri. I have been married for 7 years and have two daughters who are 3 1/2 and 1.

I heard about this plan from two girlfriends of mine that have had huge success with this diet. I started on Friday (I know! A Friday!) August 18th and have only lost about 4-5 pounds in the last 12 days. I realize that's not bad, but it's a little slower than I expected.

Has anyone else had a "slow" start and do you have any advice for me? I'm trying not to get frustrated.

Also, any other St. Louis folks out there? I'd love some local support as well!
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Postby Jan » August 29th, 2006, 6:57 am

Hi there,
Lots of things affect our weight loss. Yours is not bad. :D I don't know the number of pounds with which you'd like to part.
People who have less to lose, naturally don't part with as many pounds right off the bat. It is most likely a percentage thing. Those with a higher percentage of fat... part with more at first. Plus fat cells are filled with water so there is more water weight loss too. Inorder to part with the pounds as quickly and safely as possible:
Make certain you are following the program exactly. Don't add to or take away from.(Never skip meals) Also make certain you are drinking alllll the water. Failure to do so can and most likely will slow your weight loss. Things like not enough sleep, stress, the temperature and some medications also affect weight loss. Remember you're in this for the "long run" and just keep on going... you'll make it. We all would like to part with our pounds overnight if possible--- me included. That's not possible so just keep going. :mrgreen:
Oh and by the way I myself am a slooooow loser (there are others posting here too) but I made it and lost 50 pounds.
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Postby Prancer » August 29th, 2006, 7:13 am

I think with any diet that if you dont have as much to lose it will come off slower. Your ticker says you have 30 to lose, I dont think you are going to lose 5+ a week like someone who has 130 to lose.
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Thanks, Jan

Postby cspa522 » August 29th, 2006, 7:14 am

I started last week at 170. I need to be down to at least 140 (though less would be nice!). I probably need to drink more water, and I know that twice I haven't been hungry enough for my last meal of the day so I haven't eaten it. I will try to spread out my meals better so I get in that last shake or my oatmeal.

Thanks for the support! :D
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Postby Sarya » August 29th, 2006, 7:33 am

One of the reasons why people lose a ton in the first couple weeks is because they were amazingly bloated. If you are not someone who eats a bunch of sodium or other things that cause bloat you won't lose as much. All of the other things said also apply of course. But don't be too discouraged by your loss because it is a great loss!

Even the people who lose 10 or more pounds in the first week slow down by the second or third as their bodies finish flushing out.

That has happened to me twice now. Once at the start of the program and once after my latest fall from the wagon.

So I'd suspect you are just losing less water. Give it the rest of the month and see how you do. Most people average between 2-5 lbs of weight lost a week which isn't to say we lose that every week. Sometimes it's more, sometimes less, sometimes none. Most of us have also experienced a plateau sometime around the 3-5th week. I think that's when your body wonders what the heck you are doing to it and stops losing briefly to acclimate.

Also.. don't miss that last meal!!!! I did that a few times in a row by mistake and suddenly I couldn't stay awake and I gained weight. Missing that supplement means you now didn't get your RDA of vitamins and minerals for the day and you've eaten too few carbs and calories so now your body may switch into starvation mode to cope. Even if you're not really hungry just have a drink supplement right before you go to sleep. We eat so little that it's ok and even preferable to eat somewhat close to when you go to sleep so that your body has some fuel to work with overnight, and you won't wake up starving.
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Postby VictoriousNat » August 29th, 2006, 7:33 am

Hi Carrie,

Welcome aboard!! You're doing great. I am new also; today begins day 4. I am trying hard not to scale hop but yesterday I jumped on it and of course DH sat up in chair to see what the result was and no change had registered from what the scale said on saturday.

I agree with the others - water is key. I did great on day 1 - probably over did - I normally drink a lot of H2O. Yesterday I know I fell short of 64 ozs by far. I also agree that you should not deviate if you can, I realize - DH pointed it out - that I do not finish the shakes; I always leave a few ounces behind (like 2 0r so). So I have to stop doing that.

This forum is great because a lot of people have walked in our shoes and they are willing to lend support! Good luck!!
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Sarya -

Postby cspa522 » August 29th, 2006, 7:36 am

Thanks. And deep down, I think I know all this. I just want MORE! :) Don't we all?

I don't mean to sound all poor, poor pitiful me. I know that my 30 pounds, compared to others out there, can seem like nothing. But to me, it's not! Weight loss is so personal to everyone...and I'm certainly reminded of it every day when I can't get into my pre-kids clothing!

I'm glad I found this place. I definitely need the cheering section!
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Postby Amber » August 29th, 2006, 8:54 am

Hi Carrie,
I am chiming in mainly to echo what the others have said...
I know that I have lost less # per week that others on this board. I think they are right; the less you have to lose, the less your weekly loss.
Remain compliant, drink your water, stick with it; the weight WILL go away!
I, too, would like to lose more quickly, it just doesn't work that way... :?

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Postby cyn » August 29th, 2006, 9:03 am

Carrie~I am also wanting to see big results fast! I know how easy it is to get frustrated when you dont get the results you are expecting but hang in there and listen to the advice you have been given and stay focused. This plan does work! All the success stories here prove that! It will happen! So glad you decided to join the forum and let us share your journey. Welcome to you!
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Postby alohacate » August 29th, 2006, 10:26 am

Aloha & Welcome............. Everyone has pretty much said what you need to know. I was one of those "bloated peoples". Now I go through major scale stalls. I'm sure if you stick with the plan, over time your weight will come off. Congratulations on your start and best of luck to you! YOU CAN DO THIS!
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Postby Elidh » August 29th, 2006, 12:59 pm

Hi Carrie -

I started MF on May 29, 2006, with the goal of losing 30# (like you). As you can see by my ticker, I only have a few pounds left to lose, so I am really happy with that. I've been on WeightWatchers before and, for me, it was EXCRUCIATINGLY s...l....o....w, like .5#/week.

Hang in there - you WILL lose!!


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Postby alpha femme » August 29th, 2006, 1:07 pm

considering how little you have to lose, you've lost weight pretty quickly.
people who are heavier require more calories to maintain their weight, so they are experiencing a larger deficiency.
you've done quite well.
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Postby tommysgirl » August 29th, 2006, 1:25 pm

i don't know if this is true or not but i remember seeing a while back someone post that if you don't do any bars, your weight loss is faster? not sure if this is accurate or if this would help but i'm trying that approach this time around (& besides i have problems with bars in the house, want more than one)
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Re: Introducing myself & a question for everyone.

Postby Lizabette » August 29th, 2006, 1:26 pm


What great support you have received so far.
Remember none of us can compare our weight loss with others.
Our bodies are all so different! :x

I am here to tell you that the last pounds to go can be slow, slow, slow!
But they do eventually vanish miraculously.
It can also be a blessing in disguise, because we learn more how to eat and let our bodies adjust our metabolism to maintain our weight.

So girl, we are happy you are here and know that you will make it, if you stick with it!

Happy weight loss journey with us! :drive:
Be happy and healthy for your HB of 7 years and 2 sweet daughters!

Lizabette :heart:
Lizabette :heart:
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Postby Arklahoma » August 29th, 2006, 5:31 pm


BTW, You've come to the right place for the cheering section!!!

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