Questions for the experienced Medifasters

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Questions for the experienced Medifasters

Postby cute » May 3rd, 2007, 5:40 pm

1. How many times did you restart the program before you became totally compliant?

2. How many days totally compliant until all cravings and hunger go away?
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Postby Pashta » May 3rd, 2007, 5:45 pm

1. 0 - But don't feel bad because many folks have had to try a few times before becoming successful. You just have to really want it! Remember that the hunger DOES go away and you feel GREAT once you do get to that "fat burning" state of slight ketosis. :)

2. About 4 days for me, usually it's 3-5 days. I still get hungry now and then when I exercise or do too much activity but I don't get any cravings. It must be because I get all my vitamins from the supplements.
- Tonia

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Postby nickieluv » May 3rd, 2007, 7:00 pm

Question 1 - twice to really get going, about 6 months or so apart. EDIT - I just re-read your question and you said totally compliant - so, I guess I'm not there yet. But I'm getting close. I have long periods of compliance followed by binges - but I really think I'm done with huge gross binges now. This is just me personally, the program does not lead to binges, it's my own issue.

Question 2 - I don't know for sure. Initially, the worst ones go away for me in 4-5 days of compliance. Do they ever totally go away? Maybe physically. But I have big emotional eating issues I'm working through so I still get cravings, even after my personal best record of 45 days of compliance. But the hunger goes away for me in 4-5 days, although like Pashta said it will resurface occasionally but only for a day usually.
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Postby Serendipity » May 4th, 2007, 4:18 am

1. no restarts.

2. 3 days for the hunger, 5 or 6 for the cravings.
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Postby KellyC » May 4th, 2007, 9:06 am

I'm only in my 3rd week, but I jumped right in and haven't had to restart, which was surprising to me because I did that "diet starts next week" thing for a good 2 months.

2 days for me for the hunger to go. Again, surprising, given the huge amounts of food I was ingesting. By the 4th day, I literally had to make myself eat. The cravings are very fleeting.. more just a quick moment of desire.
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Postby Tawanda » May 4th, 2007, 9:14 am

Today is the end of week 11 for, not real experienced.

1. No restart

2. Started out strong, drank lots of water and don't remember being really hungry - but I do have a selective (i.e. horrible) memory most of the time. Right now I do experience hunger on occasion, but it is usually if I have gotten messed up on my supplement timing due to poor planning on my part.

Hope you find that you'll never have to restart and that you'll not ever experience hunger more than you can handle.
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Postby hulagirlfromhawaii » May 5th, 2007, 2:16 am

1. 2 times. The first time I started and lost 10 pounds, and then fell off the wagon. I started during holiday season.... The second time was a charm because I was totally committed and mentally ready to lose the fat.

3. 2 days of hunger. 4 days of cravings... and then ketosis! I have to watch emotional triggers, not necessarily hunger or cravings. That is the danger zone for me.

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Postby Mickeyz » May 5th, 2007, 7:25 am

1 - I did MF 3 years ago and lost 45 lbs. Kept off 30. Stayed totally compliant for 11 weeks...then fell off the wagon on vacation and never got back on. :cry: Started again 3 weeks ago. Both times I started with firm committment and stayed compliant.

2 - The first time after 3-4 days the physical hunger was gone. This time I had more hunger for at least a week but it is smooth sailing now. I can actually be around other people eating some of my favorite foods and stay strong. I do try to avoid that if I can though! It is far more of an emotional urge than a physical one. I always carry my dill pickles with me!!!

Don't give up. If your hunger feels like it is too much try an extra supplement and get away from other food temptations. If your emotional eating gets to you there are so many ways to doctor up the supplements to trick yourself in to thinking you are having a treat!

Happy Trails!
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Postby Mike » May 5th, 2007, 9:04 am

1. I've been on for about a year. I struggle alot with staying on (as many know), but I know its the best thing for me, so I continue trying. Even when I don't lose, I don't gain, and that's very different for me with anything I've ever tried. I can't say I've quit and restarted as I've never gone totally off, but I struggle alot with total compliance (mostly with having more that 5 a day, not so much with off plan eating). Not really physical hunger... its a head thing.

2. I didn't struggle with hunger as bad as some do... I was just cranky. After 3 days though, my energy level was through the roof....

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Postby Jan » May 5th, 2007, 11:34 am

Hi There,
I was gooood and ready when I started program. :D I had been hauling around 50 extra pounds for about three years and I was SICK of it!! :cry:
My whole life I was tall and never too much overweight --even on the thinny side :mrgreen: .. .and here I was with 50 extra pounds .. plus on cholesterol meds and BP meds... Nancy got "a hold of me" and I got started. I want you to know it's just as hard for those of us who have been "thinny" .. as for those who have not!! The first three weeks I didn't even go near a scale ( yup drove Nancy crazy :? ) I know my nature and I knew if I didn't see a good loss I'd want to throw the scale right thru the bathroom window :x :x and then go and eat something : -- So off the scale for me!!! I finally climbed on the scale when my pants were getting sooooo loose the kids at Starbucks started calling me "Mrs Baggy Pants". Whoa ... 15 pounds were GONE :mrgreen: :mrgreen From the very beginning and from then on I was very compliant .. was happy those nasty pounds were going and wanted them GONE :mrgreen: I lost 50 pounds and here I am ... It took me about four and one half months. Not as fast as some .. but the nasty pounds came off!!
From my experience and from helping others ... I know the best way is to start and then STICK with it. Each time we "go off program" it's a bit harder to get back on. But YOU CAN DO IT!!! From this day forward.. I'd just be very very compliant and soon it will be a new great habit and those cravings will be gone. START NOW and then continue... a "thinny body" awaits you!!
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Postby dede4wd » May 5th, 2007, 1:32 pm

1. I've fallen several times, but I think what is important is that I got back up! Being 100% compliant is the EASIEST way to do the program, believe me, I know that by experience! LOL!

2. 4 days for Ketosis for me and about a week for the cravings.

That's my two-cents

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Postby sunshinekpc » May 5th, 2007, 4:19 pm

Well, Im by no means an expert, but just thought I would give my 2 cents. I totally think MF is a mental thing, well, for me anyway. My reason for thinking that is because I have been on MF technically (meaning, I have been purchasing the products) for almost 3 months. But, all the other times I tried to "restart" it almost was like I was scared to lose the weight. Odd, I know, but my health advisor, DeDe can vouch for me here. I used to continue going out to eat, and say, well, I did good today, Ill let myself have bread, and all the other stuff not allowed. When I would lose a few lbs I would get happy but then go on a huge and I mean huge binge, causing me to gain the few lbs back again. I have lost and gained the same 4-5 lbs back about 3-4 times within the last couple of months. Then, I don't know what happened, but I was reading through Dark and Stormy's journal on this board, and for some reason, a weight loss fairy visited me and motivated me and got me ready mentally to try it again. So, the next day, I "restarted" and was compliant for about 4 days and then I had a little bit of food thats not allowed, but I can totally tell a huge difference between my mental process now. Example, a month ago, if I went to a restaurant, I would just let myself have whatever I wanted, last night I went out and it took me literally 20 minutes to find something that was semi healthy and I ended up getting a chicken salad bread bowl, no I didn't eat the bread, just the chicken salad. I know this is a long explaination to your questions, but I just wanted to maybe help someone else reach their goal too. If you dont have a health advisor, get one. I have to say, DeDe has been a lifesaver for me!!! So, said all that to make the point that if you are not ready mentally to do it, you might want to hold off starting until you get 100% ready! good luck to you!!!
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