Product Update – The Shelves Have been Restocked!

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Product Update – The Shelves Have been Restocked!

Postby Nancy » October 27th, 2005, 9:16 am

Product Update – The Shelves Have been Restocked!

Halleluiah! :boing: We’re doing the :yay: Happy Dance here at the MakeMeThinner Cottage!

We are :yippee: happy to announce that the Caramel Nut (Item # 6544) and the Fruit & Nut Bars (Item # 6550) are BACK IN STOCK! Yum… :yes:

:secret: Thank you for your patience as the bar folks have been scurrying around and mixing up a fresh batch of these great meal bars. We hope you took the opportunity to try some of our other delicious, nutritious bars like the tart and crunchy Lemon Fantasy, the yogurt-coated tastes like a frosted old-fashioned spice cake Oatmeal Raisin bar, the decadent chocolate over-load Chocolate Divine and the yummer Girl Scout Cookie knock-off Chocolate Mint bar while you were waiting for your other :buddies: bar friends to return!

The Robust Tomato Fast Soup continues to be :tears: unavailable at this time. As soon as it is back online and I have ordered ALL that I want ( :secret: me, me, me…it’s all about me, me, me…), I’ll be sure to let you Kids know when you can order some.

:tears: :hug: Oh, Boo Hoo…these are the Discontinued Products

Medifast discontinued production of the Orange-Pineapple 55 shakes but for a limited time they are still available for purchase through your Health Advisor or the Call Center only; they do not appear in the shopping cart. It is possible that the stock will run out within the next month, so now is the time to buy them if you are interested.

The Essential 1 Grilled Beef Patties and the Essential 1 Chicken Breast have been discontinued. The Essential 1 Chicken Breast is no longer available; it is estimated, however, that the Grilled Beef Patties will be out of stock within the next week. If this is something you like for a quick meal, I’d suggest that you get them now – again, go through the call center at 1-800-572-4417 (press option 2).

Fit! Products for Kids

Just a reminder that our Fit! Products are currently unavailable.

An adolescent nutrition study is under way, and when the study has been completed, we will determine what products for adolescents best fit our product line and make them available.

Until then, your children may enjoy any of the regular line of products.

The shakes, bars, hot cocoa, soups, oatmeal, puddin’ etc. all provide an excellent source of nutrition, a handy healthy fast food for kids to grab on their way to the bus stop or for after school. Many parental units keep a box of bars and several Ready To Drinks in the car for sudden hunger attacks – it prevents doin’ the fast food :redprowl: drive-up window thang – saves time, $ and empty calories.

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