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Postby Lexy » May 3rd, 2006, 8:02 pm

I just got home and didn't expect all this response!
Thank you all so much.
dede's msg really hit home.
I have to admit i am an emotional eater. so your right dede i need to learn how to use food for fuel ONLY. you are doing wonderful~ you all are doing great and thank you for being so supportive.
Medifast is very challenging and i know its mostly a mental thing for me.
as for the lapband i think i should hold off on that for now. I am willing to work really really hard with the medifast I realize it is going to be a little challenging the first week or two so please bear with me.
today I ALMOST did good on the medifast.
I goofed on the water(didn't drink enough)
And had 3 bars instead of having the shakes since i was so busy on the road and all.
I will try harder tomorrow.

Thanks again for all your support!!
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Postby ChattieCathy57 » May 3rd, 2006, 8:09 pm

Hi Lexi :wave:

Like Arklahoma, I am also a Nurse. I work in the Recovery Room at out local hospital (although I just received a different job proposal and have decided to accept it!! - post on my new job in the forum) ;)

I also know that there are many Drs who will suggest surgeries that are not neccessary (unfortunately) :roll: but most reputable ones would steer you clear from Lap Band surgery unless you have 100lbs or more to lose.

I am 5'6" and am looking forward to seeing 160! ... HECK!, I am starry eyed with anticipation of seeing 190! :star: Liposuction is a vanity issue - not a diet option; Medi-fast works (and as MusiclMomma said, after surgery, the diet they put you on is almost identical to Medi-fast). :cheermed:

I have been doing MF now since March 26th and today I weighed in (just HAD to get on the darn scale monster!) :bananadance: 20lbs less than when I started! :bananadance:

20 lb club Unca!'ll be getting an email from me! :email:

Lexi, this is a healthy, nutritious, proven plan. Is it fast? ~ I think so. 20 lbs in 64 days is fast. Stay on plan for an entire 30 days and see how you feel. :thumbsup:

Good Luck!!

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Postby dede4wd » May 3rd, 2006, 8:20 pm

I'm glad I could help! I've just seen my friends spend thousands of dollars and weeks recuperating for what turns out to be a quick fix because we don't fix WHY we eat and how much of it is mental. In my trivial little opinion, staying on program for me is 90% mental.

Is Medifast challenging? Yes...does it work? Yes! Does it work fast enough to encourage you to continue? yes!

As for bearing with you, that's what we're here for! Arklahoma is right, we're like the NETWORK that follows the cell phone guy around! I LOVE being on these boards...talking about the program keeps me on program. Ask anything you want, whine, vent, celebrate! We're here for it all. Sending you good vibes, Lexy, when you're in the place that you're READY to FINALLY do something about this and give it 100% compliance for a month...we'll be here!

Something Nancy said once really stuck with me. She said she'd eat cat poop to get the results we get on Medifast. Luckily, I think the MF meals are tasty, so no cat poop comparisons...but she's right. None of those things I crave and that the five-year old in my head SCREAMS for are worth messing up my loss and how GREAT I feel now!

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