Homemade bread and no bake cookies...

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Homemade bread and no bake cookies...

Postby Lulie » May 21st, 2006, 9:55 pm


That is what we have been making today and it has been really hard not to eat them! I even stuck my nose down and took a deep breath. Then I got to wondering if you really could gain by smelling food, so thought I best stop! LOL

No, I didn't give in, but boy it is hard. I have been having all these cravings and thoughts about food lately anyway so this was tough. I love homemade bread and it was the first loaf my daughter has ever made so I really wanted to try it.

Of course everyday is a temptation. I know we are all tempted, but it just seems hard. I am one of the unfortunate who has to cook separate meals for me and my family and that is tough too. They are eating all this yummy stuff, and I am eating my L&G or soup, shake, etc. I am especially wanting veggie pizza. I love it, and had converted from regular pizza to veggie pizza before starting MF while I was trying to change my eating habits. Problem was, I just ate too much of it too. LOL

Well, I am still shakin away, but boy it is getting tough. Isn't supposed to get easier the longer you are on?
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Postby monz » May 21st, 2006, 10:23 pm

Hi Lulie,

First of all, great job beating those temptation :lightsword: I too have the same problem, my boyfriend's daugther stays with us 2 nights a week during school day. Last week was a killer, boy this girl can eat. She loved my cooking so she asked for me to bake a cake, make jello, make dimsum for her to take to school then her and her best friend decided to go to the beach, of cause that were chips, cookie, sandwiches, ice cream... you named it. It was very tempting for me to give in, but I manage to stay away from it, and the result was very rewarding...6 lbs loss this week :D

As long as we keep our head up and each other inspired, we can do this :stroll:

Here's to our success :buddies:

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Postby loriannk » May 22nd, 2006, 6:35 am

Great job resisting the yummies.

I too have to cook everyday for my family. I make sure to have my lean and green meal at the same time so I still feel apart of the family meal. It was hard but after awhile you dont even think about it. You just make it. At least for me that is how it goes. Sometimes a smell hits me hard and I remember how it tastes but I remind myself of all the calories, fat, carbs, etc.

Hang in there. You can do it!

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Postby VTGirlie » May 22nd, 2006, 8:18 am

you did GREAT!!! And what an awesome reward- 6 pounds??? That is AWESOME!!!

I had a similar experience last night- my husband made homemade sourdough rolls to go with our family dinner. Almost everything "a la table" was a go for me, except those. Which was fine, until everyone was having a passionate response to how good they were. GRRRRR :x

So, I ended up taking a teeny corner off one and trying it. Guess what? It wasn't that great. I mean, it was, but somehow it SMELLED better than it really tasted. I wasn't even tempted to have another bite, thinking that the smell was enough for me and I can't' gain by sniffing! :)

Keep it up!!!
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Postby mommaof3boys » May 22nd, 2006, 9:53 am

I KNOW it is HARD!

I was trying to clean out our tiny pantry last night to fit groceries in and found a box of coffee cake mix (Krustez Crumb Cake) I had never made. Made it last night and the kiddies ate it this morning with their cereal - I really wanted to try it not because I couldn't resist but because it was easy, it looked and smelled delicious and I thought, what a great thing to bring to a brunch if it tastes good!

Still don't know how it tastes . . . All I know is a three year old and a five year old liked it!
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Postby Bonnie » May 22nd, 2006, 1:20 pm

Wow, I am so proud of all of you!!!

My mother lives with us and she wants to make cookies and banana bread all the time. I talked her into doing it when we are away from the house. She then puts them right in the freezer in the garage with foil on them so I don't know what it is in the bag. I can not have any goodies around the house or I dig in and it shows up on me the next day. :cry:

I have the Medifast snacks in the cupboard for whenever I need to reach for a snack. I really love the new Soy Crisps!!! The Cinnomon tastes just like cinnomon toast. I save myself one a day so that I have something special to look forward to.
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Postby DntCryLilEmoGrl » May 22nd, 2006, 1:55 pm

hehe i have a funny story from my nephew's 5th bday ...speaking of resisting... so they had lasagna and cake... of course part of me wanted the lasagna but i didnt have any..i did sniff it...but i caught my cousin taking a small piece of cake and started yelling "SIZE 10 SIZE10 SIZE 10!"

my friend jeanean helped me with a little thing to remember... everyday at work at lunch everyone i sit with always has yummy looking food . ill smell it and be like god that smells good. then she would tell me "but do you think it smells better than being a size 10?" so now if i smell something good i tell myself that it doesnt smell that good :D so me and my cousin both use that... it was just funny because my mom and my sister looked at me weird for yelling size 10. my cousin ended up spitting it out after that lol
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Postby Jan » May 22nd, 2006, 2:08 pm

Ok guys,
Try this. When you see those goodies let them encourage you plan to be even more compliant on plan. That way the day when you can have a little taste them will sooner.!!! :D I know we all like instant gratification but delayed gratification works too. :D
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Postby Lulie » May 22nd, 2006, 8:42 pm

Thanks so much for the encouragement! I really need it now. For some reason I am really fighting lately. I wanted so bad to blow it tonight on some chicken alfredo & pasta. Man was it hard. Then I got mad and told myself if I don't lose tomorrow (my weigh in day) then I am going out and eating what I want! Isn't that awful. :x I don't know what has come over me here.

And do you want to hear something even sadder? I am already planning my meals for maintenance. :lol:
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If God is leading, I am following.

"I ate myself into this mess, now I gotta starve my way out!"
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