Day one, and my pants fell off...

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Day one, and my pants fell off...

Postby KellyC » April 23rd, 2007, 5:17 pm

Day one!
Woke up an hour before alarm, was a BEAUTIFUL day (it snowed last week, but we had sun over the weekend and it was 60ish or so, lovely!)..

Followed program exactly.. and I feel like garbage. My head feels like a balloon is expanding inside of it, and I'm having a hard time remembering things. Tummy grumbles all day.

I've been dieting for a few months now, with not alot of change showing on the scale, but I never thought to measure myself...

ANYWAYS, I was running late to work due to a phone call, and when I dressed, I didn't notice how loosely my pants fit..

When I was on the way home, climbing up the metro escalator, MY PANTS FELL OFF!! (well, like halfway down my leg anyways)..

I was HORRIFIED, but as embarrassed as I was, I couldn't help but crack up at the same time.. I was delighted that my clothes aren't fitting me at all anymore!

So here's to more pants falling off soon! (figuritively of course)..
And here's hoping I don't see a "Fat chick with no pants on the metro escalator" missed connection on Craigslist! :oops: :oops: :oops:
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Postby Pashta » April 23rd, 2007, 6:41 pm

LOL! Good for you! :lol:

I check weight and measurements all the time. Measurements are more important to me than weight, really.
- Tonia

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Postby DonicaB » April 23rd, 2007, 7:53 pm

Congratulations (I think) :scratchhead: HA!

Don't worry.....the headaches and tummy grumbles get much better after the first few days. Most say, if you can make it through the first 3 days, you'll be fine. There is a great deal of truth in that.

:toast: Here's to more fallin' pants. :mrgreen:

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Postby Mavesse » April 24th, 2007, 7:07 am

Thanks for making me giggle so early in the morning, Kelly!

Yesterday was day one for my mom, and she was feeling pretty low, too. Personally, I white knuckled it for about three days. The fourth was like stepping out into the sunshine and I'm doing well now.

Have a great day!
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