I am curious what my body will look like after I loose

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I am curious what my body will look like after I loose

Postby carolannjeanette » July 15th, 2007, 8:37 am

I am curious what my body will look like after I loose the weight. I am 5 feet 2.5 inches. I am loosing the weight I gained from having a baby. I am scared that once I loose the weight I will have one of those extremly pudgy stomach that will only go away with a tummy tuck. I am very frightened I will have lots of extra skin on my stomach. At delivery, I weighed about 200 pounds, after giving birth I went down to 180 pounds. Does any body have a similair experience and can tell me if I will have a real flabby tummy after weight loss because my tummy was so stretched due to pregnancy and weight gain? Plus, I am worried that my hips might have widened. If so, does that mean once I loose the weight, no matter what, I will stil look larger than I am because of my wider hips?
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Postby cindyjones008 » September 13th, 2008, 1:42 pm

I have the same question. At size 16, I have a large stomach, larger before I got pregnant and was a size 16, it is much more flabbier now since giving birth.

I wonder if once I loose the weight if my stomach is still going to be hanging, or if that will also go away?
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Postby nickieluv » September 14th, 2008, 3:41 pm

I don't know for sure - after my first daughter I didn't notice any changes, but I was much larger then and gained only 15 pounds with that pregnancy. Since baby #2 (I gained 45 pounds with this one!! :oops: ) I have noticed a VERY flabby tummy. It's only been 9 weeks and I haven't really lost anything (maybe 20 pounds) nor have I started exercising. I think, though, that we may just be flabbier than usual in that area for a long time. I have hope that the skin will shrink back up given several months or maybe a year, and losing weight and exercising will certainly help. But skin is skin, and it just takes as long as it will take to bounce back - I doubt any of those 'miracle creams' will work to speed things up, either. But if you find one, let me know about it!! Sorry I can't be more encouraging.
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Postby Mike » September 17th, 2008, 9:16 am

There are lots of issues to consider with extra skin. The big one is how long did you have the extra weight. Another is your age.
For folks who have had extra weight for many years, and as they get older, the skin will not reabsorb easily. For others who gained weight and then got it off quickly, it tends to reabsorb easier.
I would think for you it would be not as much an issue, just do some toning after you lose and things should be okay, but just be prepared for a little bit to take a little longer to deal with.

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