TSFL Summer Conference

Meet Terry and Nancy.

TSFL Summer Conference

Postby Unca_Tim » June 27th, 2005, 1:51 pm

Well....what an experience!

I can't even describe what a fantastic time we all had at the summer conference in Park City, Utah.

Workshops, speeches, keynote motivational speakers, awards and recognition ceremonies, and a fantastic playday (can you say Olympic bobsled ride?) were just a few of the highlights.

The biggest highlight was meeting so many people (health advisors)
dedicated to getting America healthy.

I'm sooooooo excited about the new material that TSFL is making available to us. Some of it is still in the pipeline (going to print) and some of it I may be able to get up in the next few days. (time permitting)

One of the main areas of development have been nutrition and exercise which will guide people through transition and into maintenance, which has been an area we've been a little lacking in. There's some fantastic calorie charts, meal planning, and exercise information that will really help keep those pesky pounds away once you get into maintenance. I'm not sure if that was part of the literature that was ready or if it's still in the pipeline, but I'll get it all available to everyone ASAP. There was so much new info, it'll take me a week to sift through it all and get it to you.

I want to thank all our old time members who took their time to help our newbie's take their first steps while we were away. I'd love to list you all, but I just don't have time to weed through all the posts since we've been on the road. You and I know who you are, and I know you're not looking for recognition and are doing this program and building our community from the heart.

I'm not sure when the beautiful Nancy (her leopardness) will be able to get on the forum. Each time I've passed her room today, she's tippy typing away, answering emails and following up on phone msgs.

To meet everyone in Medifast/TSFL, from the CEO of Medifast (Brad McDonald), our Medical director and co-founder (Dr. Wayne Anderson) and all the staff of Medifast/TSFL was an awesome experience. It's amazing the passion and professionalism of everyone in this organization.

Last, I'd like to say, If anyone has a post that got buried in the pile while we were away, or hasn't quite got the answer they were looking for, re-post your question or reply to it with the word "bump" and that will bump it up to where we can catch it again and get it answered for you.

Thanks to all of you for conducting yourselves so well and taking care of each other.

Take a bow,
You're all AWESOME!
"Failure is a choice"
~From a dream~
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Postby LilMsTexas » June 27th, 2005, 2:11 pm

Welcome home Tim and all..........we're anxiously awaiting all the new enlightenment headed our way. "Home" isn't quite the same with you guys away ;)

Christi AKA LilMsTexas


5'5", 36 YEARS YOUNG!
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Postby Emma » June 27th, 2005, 2:19 pm

Welcome back!

My HA (who's on your team) called me today to say how wonderful the conference was and how awesome it was to meet Nancy. She also said that she's even more excited about TSFL and it's opportunity and what an excellent product we have in Medifast. She got me so pumped, I'm almost ready to sign! ;) But, that will have to wait, I'd like to focus on my personal MF journey.

I can't wait to hear all the new info.!!

Started MF: 5/18/05

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Postby Unca_Tim » June 27th, 2005, 2:30 pm

Very cool Emma,
It was hard not to come back pumped.

You're right on plan.

The "Optimal Health" trilogy of TSFL is:
Healthy body (weight loss phase with Medifast products)
Healthy mind (the bi-product of phase 1 and phase 3)
Healthy finances (becoming a TSFL health advisor)

Take your time, and just like with the weight loss phase, you'll know when you're ready for the next step....:)
"Failure is a choice"
~From a dream~
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Postby want2Bthin » June 27th, 2005, 2:34 pm


So glad you all are back- things just aren't the same without ya!

Angelia :D
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Postby Spunky » June 27th, 2005, 3:11 pm

UNCA, we are so glad y'all are back! We were missing you.

Can't wait for all that data to sift through your veins.
Happy Trails Y'all......... Spunky

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