Shock! Horror! Fear!

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Shock! Horror! Fear!

Postby sydney_gavin » January 24th, 2007, 5:53 pm

I awoke this morning to the sound of weeping and the gnashing of teeth.

I felt trembles all over my not-inconsiderable body as the true import of the step I was about to take slipped into the consciousness of my wobbly bits.

Yes, Medifast has arrived and it inspired fear and loathing in the fat cells as they realised that their days of guardians of my innermost fears were at an end! Yes, they were about to be banished to the world where no-longer-useful fat cells are banished (I believe this is a sort of a lost and found office where they lurk hoping for someone else to pick them up and put them to use again). Certainly around me whenever someone has lost weight, I have somehow 'found' it for them and kept it warm until they need it back (which, strangely never seems to happen).

Yes my friends, the emotion in those little critters was almost pitiful.

But, out out damned fat cells, your nemesis has claimed its rightful place in my affections and I shall never look back and give you slimy lumps of lard another thought. From now on MF is my dearest beloved (apart from my wife hehehehe) - ok, second dearest beloved.

So, I guess you can work out that my delivery FINALLY arrived and this morning was Day1 on MF.

Now I feel I am not cheating lurking on this board hehehehe - its full stam ahead and hasta la vista "el terrón de la grasa".


kind regards


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Postby dede4wd » January 24th, 2007, 6:46 pm

I'm so glad your food finally arrived! YAY! So excited for you!

Tell us how it's going!

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Re: Shock! Horror! Fear!

Postby DonicaB » January 24th, 2007, 8:21 pm

sydney_gavin wrote:I awoke this morning to the sound of weeping and the gnashing of teeth.

Whew! For a minute I thought you woke up in Hades! ;) Good thing I kept reading. You had me really worried. :mrgreen:

I'm glad your MF finally arrived. Say Goodbye to your fat cells for me. :wave:

DonicaB :bananadance:
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Postby Sojourner » January 24th, 2007, 8:24 pm


Shake it gone, babeee!!!
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Postby Mike » January 24th, 2007, 10:23 pm

For a second I thought I was totally wrong, and the Bowl judgements were happening now!
I truly enjoy your posts Gavin.
Keep on shakin' bro.

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Postby bikipatra » January 25th, 2007, 3:05 am

How exciting!!!!! Now you are truly one of us!
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Postby pinkbugs471 » January 25th, 2007, 4:10 am

ALL RIGHT!!! :goodluck:

we are all here to help along the way!!
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Postby KeleeGrl » January 25th, 2007, 7:55 am

LOL...great way to let us now how them fat cells are feeling when they hear Medifast knocking at your door!
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See the fat cells go bye-bye!

Postby Seaside » January 25th, 2007, 8:27 am

Good for you, Sydney!

Thanks for a very entertaining start to my day and the vision of all those poor, sad little fat cells leaving makes me sadistically happy! :roll:
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Postby hulagirlfromhawaii » January 25th, 2007, 11:55 am

Yes Gavin!!! You are on your way!

I'm anxiously waiting for Chapter 2 of "El Terron de la Grasa". Your gripping tale has got me spellbound! The saga continues...... :mrgreen:

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Postby AmandaRose » January 25th, 2007, 2:46 pm

Welcome sydney_gavin you are surely on the right track now!!

what a funny way to look at the fat in our body, I know I don’t want to walk by that fat office, if you know where it is let me know so I can stay as far away as possible.

Here is a little interesting information about fat (adipose tissue). We are born with a certain amount of fat cells in our body and when we begin to store too much fat those cells swell and divide, giving us even more fat cells. If you loose weight you will NOT loose fat cells, they will only shrink in size. You will always have the adipose cells you acquired from gaining. The more you gain the more you have. They are with you until the end.
Trust me I was not happy when I learned about this in my anatomy classes.
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