Problems with Orders

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Problems with Orders

Postby Nancy » August 11th, 2006, 2:02 pm

Hi, People ~

Please accept our apologies if you have not received your Medifast orders or BeSlim Club orders on time.

As many of you know, computer systems do not always work as smoothly as the software developers expect.

On August 1, 2006, Take Shape For Life switched to a new computer system.

We :sheepjump: eagerly looked forward to the new "My Life in Motion" corporate website with the new logo and cool new features.

We have good news and bad news...

Some of the new features are available and working well :woohoo:

others are not yet functioning. :deadhorse:

Yup, the parts that are not functioning are making it :help: challenging for us.

We shall choose to be hopeful and to see the picnic basket half full rather than half empty.

Grumping about and :x kicking the cowpies only gets my boots dirty so I will just say this: :coach: we're gonna get through this!

Many people that read and post on our MakeMeThinner Forum are not our personal clients.

We welcome all of you and are happy that our resources can be of value to you.

Some of you are customers of our parent company, Medifast Diet.

Some of you are our personal MakeMeThinner clients and we want to personally take care of your needs.

Some of you have Health Advisors that are not part of MakeMeThinner and yet we are happy that you are here, that our resources enable you to find success on the program and that we can help you to know what’s happenin’ in the Medi-realm.

If you are a TSFL Client and have not received your order or your BeSlim Club order in a timely manner, by all means, please call your Health Advisor. We really truly pock-a-dooly wanna help you!

If I am your Health Advisor and you need me, call me!

Some of you know that my 83 year-old parents recently had surgery and I am caring for them. While I am currently away from my office for most of the day, I am always available by cell phone. I will answer your calls and return them ASAP.

Your success is important to me – you are my Medi-family. :hug:

My Mom and Daddy have actually talked to some of you when you call and they are proud of you for making good changes to your lifestyles! They are proud of me for losing weight because they know the heartache I endured for most of my life. They love it that they can observe me and experience my success, improved mobility and joy up-close and personal while I help you and help them simultaneously.

My office is everywhere that I happen to be – last week my ‘office’ was in the hospital waiting room. This morning, while I gave my Mom a shot, I spoke with TSFL regarding a client that did not get her BeSlim Club order.

As a Health Advisor, I want my clients to get their food, to have their questions answered and to receive the care they need and deserve. As consumers, we know that sometimes mistakes happen and our experience is that TSFL does their very best to make things right when errors occur.

The new computer system is wonky and TSFL is working with the vendors to get it into tip-top optimal shape. Not all orders went out on time and I appreciate our Corporate Team and their desire to meet the needs of you, our special clients.

This is from Allison Nipper, the Vice President of Field Operations for Take Shape For Life. I share it with you because I want you to know that we sincerely want to meet your needs.

Allison writes,

"We discovered yesterday [August 10] that there were approximately 60 orders from last week that were not shipped out due to a processing error. Those orders were shipped yesterday via Next Day Air for delivery today. We apologize for the delay, and will be making amends to the client by sending them a week of free Medifast meals for the inconvenience. We have already started getting these products out to those affected by the delay.

Our fulfillment center as been working day and night to keep up with the order volume. All orders that have been processed through the system (as of 8:30 pm last evening) have been packed and will ship today. We are working on fulfilling the remaining orders from last evening and this morning as we speak. Additionally, I have received confirmation that all orders that are marked as expedited have been going out as such. As stated above, there were delays with a small population of orders, which may account for the perception that orders have been shipped via regular means. To clarify, orders that are coming through the website and call center as normal are being shipped in accordance to the clients’ wishes. Any orders that were delayed by processing or shipping have been expedited."

Let’s hang together, Folks. If you have not gotten your Medigrub, please call your Health Advisor!

We know that TSFL will take care of us and do their very best to get your Medigrub to you. Thank you for your faithfulness and understanding.
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