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Postby tomsolanto » December 11th, 2011, 5:07 pm

Hello, my name is Tom and obviously this is my first post here. Really looking forward to spending some time here. I used to be a pretty good athlete, I'd run 5 to 8 miles a day and weight train for an hour or so every day. Well, age and wear and tare have caught up to me. I have some back issues from lifting wrong, scoliosis, and just the type of work that I do. Had some arthritic knees problems and broke my foot. Most of this happened one right after the other, except the Scliosis, which I guess i've always had but didn't know it.

Anyway I went from a fit 190lbs to a very unhealthy 296lbs. I desperately did not want to break the dreaded 300 mark. SInce gaining weight I now have sleep apnea which I have under control via Bipap therapy.

I went to the chiropractor 6 weeks ago to try and relieve some pain in my back, it was so bad it almost brought tears to my eyes. Well, he told me about Medifast. It was the news I needed to hear and I was ready for significant change. I had already lost some weight just from sleeping better by using the bipap but now I was all fired up to make change. I just dipped under 250lbs this week and I am looking forward to getting to approx 200... Christmas will be tough but I'll just keep plugging away.

Anywho, I'm looking forward to meeting you folks and I hope I can encourage you as much as you encourage me.


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Re: Newbie

Postby katieb920 » December 18th, 2011, 6:50 pm

Welcome tom,

This is the best program you can do. Follow it to a T and you are going to have those 50# off super fast

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Re: Newbie

Postby Tawanda » December 20th, 2011, 10:30 am

Welcome Tom!
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