Lil’ Ms Texas is Home!

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Lil’ Ms Texas is Home!

Postby Nancy » July 10th, 2005, 8:24 am

Dear MakeMeThinner Family ~

It’s Sunday morning and I just spoke with our flat-tummied Christi! She is doing great and she wanted me to be sure to tell you THANK YOU for your prayers and well-wishes.

She is blessed beyond words for your kindness and attention. She is practically speechless - practically!

Evidently she nearly needed cardio resuscitation Friday afternoon when LuzInIt Linda entered the hospital room…Darren (the husband) had stepped out to get a bite to eat in the hospital cafeteria when a beautiful woman walked in with flowers and a goody basket.

Christi said she couldn’t believe it when the woman whom she assumed was a “flower delivery person” announced who she was…what a great surprise!

How special she feels to have had the honor of a wonderful MakeMeThinner Forum Ambassador to personally make a visit to her hospital room.

Thank you, LuzInIt – we don’t think you’ve lost IT – maybe the flab, but not IT!

It isn’t easy for Christi to make the trek downstairs to her computer just yet but please know she’ll be on the keyboards soon and will fill you in on all the juicy details of having her Belly Monster amputated and the recovery process.

She’s feeling great – it does hurt – she sees her doctor tomorrow. She feels special and very loved – thank you, every one for your prayers and expressions of care and concern.

Hugz from the Flat Tum Tum Texan!!
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Postby fatBgone » July 10th, 2005, 8:52 pm

Yeah....just what I needed before I went to sleep! I've been wondering about that flat tum tum Texan all day!

Glad you're home and feeling as good as you can for going through what you did. It'll all be worthwhile though....can't wait to hear from ya!!
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