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I am a guest with questions!

Postby jilld » September 24th, 2006, 4:21 pm

Hi everyone. I am considering trying the medifast program for 3-4 weeks to see how it works for me. Let me explain my situation and ask some questions.

3 years ago I was diagnosed with T2 diabetes and very high cholesterol. I weighed 370 lbs at the time. I initiated a lifestyle change as I was terrified that I was killing myself. I also had bad reactions the meds they gave me and I was determined to overcome everything with diet and excercise alone - no meds. Good news... I was successful! I now weigh 260 lbs and have completely reversed the T2 diabetes (my Ha1c is 4.7) and the cholesterol (which is now 170).

My diet plan was quite successful - completely balancing carbs, protein, and fat, limiting my calories, and avoiding perservatives and chemical additives in food. I actually try to focus on organic foods. I also excercise regularly - joined curves and go 3X per week and walk a lot too.

But I am now stuck at 260 lbs and I am ready to lose more. I know that I could stick to my current plan and just reduce the calories, but I am having trouble stiicking to that. I am thinking that the structure and investment of Medifast may help me kickstart my weight loss again. I would be happy achieving my next short-term goal of 225 lbs. (Ultimately I want to be 160 but I accept baby steps and am proud of my accomplishments so far!) I wanted to try the 5+1 plan where you include one real-food meal per day in addition to the 5 replacements.

My first concern is regarding the chemical additives and preservatives in Medifast. Has anyone formerly on an organic diet ever done this plan? I am wondering how my body will react to the ingredients.

My second concern is the ultra low calorie level. I just don't think at my present weight that I should only consume 1000 calories per day. I wondered if I would have the same success if I added more replacements to get my total calorie consumption up to 1200 per day (especially since I am active). In other words 7 replacements + 1 real meal.

My third question is about the real meal. I know they say it should be 5-7 oz of fish or chicken plus veggies or salad. Well I have a meal that I ADORE that I have been eating for some time and I wondered if I could continue to use it for my dinner. It consists of 1 can of organic vegetable soup with 6 oz of fish in it - I make it into a fish stew. The total calories is only 350 and it is my comfort food. I could eat it every day and I hate to give it up.

So I was thinking if I used 6-7 replacements (one of them being a bar) plus my fish stew as the meal, I would still only be at about 1100 calories per day. Would that work?

One last question about my excercise - I keep reading that excercise is not recommended in the early stages of this diet. But I really don't want to give that up. Now I will admit that this past month I have not gone as frequently as I should have due to work obligations, but I have every intention of getting back to my regimen of 3 days per week at curves. Would it be a mistake to start this program and increase my excercise at the same time?

I welcome any answers and advice!

Thanks, Jill :)
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Postby VictoriousNat » September 24th, 2006, 4:55 pm

Hi Jill,

First of all, CONGRATULATIONS on taking charge of your life and losing 110 lbs. That is a great accomplishment. I can't answer your questions, and would suggest you call Nancy Pettit, the owner of this site. She has lost over 100 lbs herself and can better advise you based on your unique circumstances. When I was considering MF, Nancy spent about 40 minutes answering my questions. The toll free number is 1-800-621-1927. She will not pressure you or give a sales pitch, fear not.

You should also talk with your primary care physician or one of the MF doctors in your area.

You are about the same as my starting weight - I was 267 and I have lost 17 lbs in 3.5 weeks. You mention organic and additive free diet - well that was me before MF and in coming aboard the MF train, it was something I was concerned with - what's in those packets :D - but I decided that whatever I had eaten to get me to 287 (my highest) HAS to be worse than anything in the packet (fingers crossed behind my back :D ) and I made the decision to do the MF program. I still try to eat organic and fresh for my Lean & Green meal. I try not to used frozen or canned anything for the L&G - but that is just me. I also try to have 3X a week that the green in the L&G be raw. The program allows for that bit of flexibilty. Unlike you, I was NOT losing weight on an organic vegetarian diet; I lost about 8lbs and then I was stuck. I must confess itis because I am/was a sugar addict and consumed A LOT of sugar in the form of certain candies, pastries and fudge like things rather than actual food - and we all know, you wanna get fat eat sugar. So I tried MF and hope by God's grace to "stick it out" and conquer my demons.

I will say this, you mention structure of MF program, and that has been key for me. I have bad days and I do slip up - but never in my life have I had a "slip up" that could fit into a tablespoon. I never dreamed that I could have one anything and walk away or none at all...and I am getting stronger every day - but because I am human and prone to error - its one day at a time for me. In just 3 weeks I have learned self control in baby steps. Its great not having to measure 6 meals and make all the other decisions that go with a "conventional diet".

I wish you much luck in finding answers and making the best decision for you.
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Postby alpha femme » September 24th, 2006, 5:03 pm

there are lots of people who weighed more than you in the beginning (including me) that did the 5 & 1 with no problems. your weight does not dictate how many calories you need to live-- it dictates how many calories you need to maintain that weight.

if you worry about hunger, don't. you will not be hungry.

since you are already working out, i would lightly increase your resistance training if you don't do mf-- it's the only way you will drop weight without a serious calorie decrease. remember that now that you've lost, you need less to keep that weight stable. when i was 400#, i could still take in 2500 calories a day and lose weight. if i did that now, i would gain.

i hope you try it. it's a great program.
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Postby Guest » September 24th, 2006, 5:18 pm

"Your weight does not dictate how many calories you need to live-- it dictates how many calories you need to maintain that weight."

Thanks for your reply! I am familar with the concept of basal metabolic rate and used it successfully to accomplish the 110 lbs loss I already achieved. When I weighed 370 I could consume 2500 calories per day and still lose. Now I am down to about 1700 calories per day and I am maintaining. I have found it difficult to sustain a diet of 1500 calories per day which technically would be the next level I would need to move to in order to break through this plateau I am on.

But I have often read that two different things regarding the basal metabolic rate. 1. That you should never reduce your caloric intake by more than 20% below your BMR, and 2. That no person should ever consume less than 1200 calories per day. I think the reasons for this have to do with controling metabolic function and avoiding the starvation signals that can force your body to reserve fat stores. I just wonder how the Medifast program addresses these subjects.

I guess to some extent I worry that if I am on 1000 calories per day, when I eventually come off MF, will I gain weight by consuming 1500 calories per day- which SHOULD be a normal amount of calories for an average weight active female? Has anyone experienced this? Isn't that what happened to Oprah on Optifast?

Maybe I will call Nancy!!!

Thanks again! JillD :)
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Postby Nancy » September 25th, 2006, 1:21 am

Howdy Doody, Guest ~

I am replying via my telephone/PDA as I am currently on R & R with my family. It is difficult for me to poke out a reply using my stylus so will not take the time right now to address your questions in depth.

I am so happy to hear about your great weight loss success – it takes great determination – sounds like you have what it takes to make a lifestyle change.

Medifast is perfect for people that seem to be stuck and I am confident it will help you to reach your ultimate goal.

Natalie and Alpha Femme your insights are great – thanks for assisting me!

Jill, you would not necessarily need to stop your exercises routine - just take it easy the first few weeks - we recommend no huffing, puffing or sweating until week four.

Very few people have reactions to the preservatives - the ingredients are safe and there is nothing that stimulates the CNS.

Generally it would not be my recommendation to use the organic soup with the Medifast program. I would want to check out the nutritional analysis, however before I commit to my answer. It may end up being comparable to a can of mixed green vegetables – as a rule, no additional carbs are recommended, just the 1.5 cups of cooked or raw green veggies from the list of ‘approved’ vegetables.

Weight rebound does not happen when we go thru transition properly, when we gradually increase calories and exercise. We need to keep calories relatively low for a while after reaching our goal - very gradually increase them. People that quickly go from eating low fat/ low cal to eating like gangbusters without proper transitioning will regain.
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Postby Jen » September 25th, 2006, 7:22 am

I think another key component to the Medifast plan is the mild ketosis. This allows you to eat under 1000 calories a day safely because the protein, carb, and fat ratios are designed to provide the nutritional components you need. Muscle is spared, energy is maintained, and hunger is nearly eliminated.

Before, when I just tried to "eat right", I NEVER thought that eating under 1200 calories was "do-able" for me. With the Medifast program, it is quite simple.

Congratulations on your terrific weightloss on your own, you obviously have the commitment to reach you goals! I think Medifast can help if you feel stalled now.
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