I gained 2 lbs after 1st time exercising, what do I do?

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I gained 2 lbs after 1st time exercising, what do I do?

Postby monique62579 » August 17th, 2007, 11:03 pm

I started exercising yesturday. I only did about 10-15 minutes od Tea Bo Basic and didn't really push myself to hard. I decided o check to se if it made a difference because I heard that some peoples weightloss has stalled because of working out. I was scared so I got on the scared and wouldn't you know it, I gained 2 lbs and it was only yesturday. I have been on the program almost 4 weeks so I am within the range to start. Do you think I should walk instead of Tae Bo? I am just worried about having to much loose skin if I am not toning while I am losing since Tae Bo does that and walking doesn't. I am scard to do any exercising now. Should I just stop all together and just stick to the food? I was still losing about 1 lb every 2 days or so until I did this. What do you guys think?
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Postby Mike » August 17th, 2007, 11:47 pm

I think you are doing fine. Weigh in once a week, don't let the scale rule you.

Also, make sure before you do the exercise that you have plenty of calories to start with. Perhaps have your bar before you exercise (more calories). You don't want to fatigue yourself.

Just monitor your body, make sure you feel good, and if you feel fatigued.... have something.... fast soup, water, another shake, etc.

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Postby alpha femme » August 18th, 2007, 4:35 pm

you will always retain water after exercise. the key is to drink at least 32oz before you start, stay hydrated during, and keep your normal drinking routine after. muscle (after you work out for a while and build some) retains huge amounts of water. i can bloat 6-8# after a heavy session. do i care? heck no! it's WATER. do you want to look better and feel healthier, or do you want to judge yourself by numbers? muscle burns fat, lowering your weight (even if you add a few h2o#). I'm the same weight i was 5 months ago-- but the jeans i wore then won't even stay up now.

don't worry about the numbers; worry about the way your clothes fit and how you feel. if you've been on plan at least 2 weeks, get out and move. do stuff. lift something heavy once in a while. people are not veal-- nor does mf intend to have us drink shakes but sit on our @sses all day. that's what too many people forget. do your 15 of tae bo-- then make it 15x4 days; then make it 20x4 days; then make it 30x4 days. then you will have a rockin' little body and won't care about the scale.


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Keep on working out

Postby HANK » August 19th, 2007, 7:29 am

You are doing GREAT don't stop working out and stay on medi-fast. Over time you will make the gains(LOSSES) you want. GOOD WORK!!!
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Postby Tawanda » August 19th, 2007, 8:06 am

Just remind yourself that a 2# gain is either 7,000 extra calories consumed or water retention-------which would it be? You know you are getting 7,000 calories in the entire week (maybe) so it has to be water retention.

Now, which is better/healthier, a bit of water retention from exercising when you feel like exercising or sitting on the couch, not exercising because you are not wanting to see an extra 2# on the scale?

You already knew the answers, :lol:, you just got wrapped up, just like so many of us, in the 'numbers' and not in the reason for the scale going up.

Good for you on exercising!!!
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Postby Jan » August 19th, 2007, 11:51 am

When we exercise we actually break down our muscle tissue ( it is then rebuild stronger). As we repeat this cycle we build our muscles. But, we all know what happens when something in our body is so to speak injured. Here comes our bodies natural response ... water retention. Look what happens when we "sprain" our ankle. So, it's not at all unusual to add a bit of water weight. Just make sure your work out is not tooo heavy ( no huffing and puffing :mrgreen: ) and lasts no more than 45 minutes. That's all the extra calories you have. Let us know how you're doing.
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