1st time posting ~ Day 4

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1st time posting ~ Day 4

Postby jenn1979 » May 6th, 2006, 6:57 pm

Hi Everyone. Just wanted to introduce myself. I'm SO excited to be starting Medifast! It's been so inspiring to read about everyone's success. Wow!! I'm 26, 5'9 and starting at 196. I have never reached my goal weight in my life before and can't wait to say what I look like as an adult without extra weight on me. I have huge confidence that it's going to happen now with this plan. Would love to hear from anyone else on the plan.

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Postby Denise » May 6th, 2006, 7:07 pm

Welcome Jenn!
I have been on the program for 3 weeks...I have lost 13 lbs. I feel good...somedays are tougher than others..but you can always count on genuine support here on this forum!

Best of luck to you! :cleader:
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Postby lauradr » May 6th, 2006, 7:16 pm

jenn1979, Welcome!!!! you have came to a great place!! Great :goteam: team to be on
I'm not where I wanna be but, thank God I'm not where I use to be!


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Postby FORMOMMY » May 6th, 2006, 7:26 pm

WELCOME Jennifer!!!! Glad to meet you :)
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Postby dede4wd » May 6th, 2006, 7:57 pm

Hi Jennifer,
Glad you joined us on the forums! Hope day 4 went well for you...You're almost through the hard part! Yay!

Well, welcome! Look around, there's some great ideas in the Lean Cuisine section and lots of fun to be had everywhere else! We have a roll call every Sunday morning where we report our weekly losses.

If you want one of those cool tickers some of us have at the bottom of our signatures, go over to the Web Room and Unca posted instructions.

So glad you're shakin' with us! Ask if you have ANY questions or need ANYTHING!

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Postby mamabear » May 6th, 2006, 8:29 pm

:wave: Welcome!!
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Postby falisamarie » May 7th, 2006, 4:23 am

Welcome Jenn! It is great to have you with us!

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Postby Mom23 » May 7th, 2006, 5:05 am

:exercise: Welcome! We're glad you're here! You've come to the best place for encouragement and support in your weight loss journey! :D
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Postby monz » May 7th, 2006, 8:34 am

:stroll: Welcome! :stroll:

You'll find lots of wonderful people to support you though your journey to success! :wave:

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Postby LAwoman » May 7th, 2006, 8:52 am

Welcome Jenn,

I wish I had taken control of my weight with medifast when I was 26. Well, better late than never ;) Good for you.

You'll find the best support here and medifast works if you stick to the plan 100%. You will reach goal this time.

go-go-go Jenn :cleader:
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Postby Arklahoma » May 7th, 2006, 2:10 pm

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Postby FluffyNoMore » May 7th, 2006, 2:16 pm

Welcome!!! This is a wonderful website. :) It's kept me sane and on program many many times. We're about the same weight and height...although I started alot heavier than you. :) Hope to see you around often.
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Postby mellowmom » May 7th, 2006, 4:49 pm

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Please consider this a 2nd home, with a houseful of caring, nuturing souls. This is a wonderful community and you couldn't be in safer, more supportive environment. You're going to do great! <img src='http://smileys.smileycentral.com/cat/23/23_9_2.gif' border=0>

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Postby Drama Queen » May 7th, 2006, 5:28 pm

Welcome!! Glad you found this Forum. Post any and all questions you might have. There is always someone who has already asked it and has the answer. You will be at goal in no time!
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Postby wildtrk » May 7th, 2006, 6:51 pm

Welcome from the testosterone side of the fence. :lol:
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