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if you need a laugh

Postby Allie » August 19th, 2006, 1:38 pm

Hi again,
I am sticking exactly to the plan like the others said. 8 days, and no cheats!!!

I tried to make the oatmeal cookies today. I didn't think that it would be very difficult since I have a huge cooking backround.

I got up really earlyand couldn't go back to sleep, so i decided to go to the store today, and while I was there I picked up some non stick cooking spray. I looked up the recipe for the cookies, and mixed it all according to the directions. They actually turned out!!! But when I tasted them, there was obviously something wrong. they tasted horrible, and I couldn't figure out why. I like the oatmeal, and cinnamon, so they should have been good.

About an hour later, while cleaning up, I realized that I had bought "garlic and onion flavored non-stick spray" No wonder they tasted gross!

I'll be trying the recipe again, minus the extra flavoring.

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Postby supermom » August 19th, 2006, 3:41 pm

YUCK!!! Don't get me wrong---I love garlic and onion, but with oatmeal cinnamon cookies??? I don't think so!

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Postby Prancer » August 19th, 2006, 4:01 pm

Oh nasty!!
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Postby JKSRN » August 19th, 2006, 4:05 pm

Hi Allie, thanks for sharing your cooking saga with us! At least, you know that the recipe turns out to be some semblance of a cookie, all the others chat about in Lean Cuisine!! ;) I never tried the cookies, don't plan on it, either, for I love the oatmeal, as is! Good luck with your second try! :D
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Postby Blessedmommieof3 » August 20th, 2006, 1:44 pm

:laughlaugh: Thanks - I needed a good laugh!

The cookies are quite yummy when made with the right spray! LOL In fact, I haven't had oatmeal in it's usual form since I tried the cookies.
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