I want to save lives, but first I have to save mine

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I want to save lives, but first I have to save mine

Postby FutureEMT » January 31st, 2007, 1:27 pm

Hello everyone! My name is Brittany,I'm 20 and I weight in at 280 pounds on a 5'7" large frame, and if I don't get this weight off me it's going to kill me. My dream is to become an EMT then Paramedic. I start trainging for EMT in the fall, which means I have 8 months to lose as much weight as possible. I'm currently searching for a job so that I can attain Medifast and get this horrible flab off of my body. I know that being an EMT is a physically demanding job and I want to be one of the best and I cannot do that if I'm huffing and puffing all the time. Lucky for me I've been an athlete all my life and I'm not in any real health danger...yet. I've been reading this forum for awhile, marveling at all your amazing attitudes and results and I've finally decided that this is the way for me to go. I wasn't quite sure whether or not I should register since I haven't ordered Medifast yet, but I decided that I should go ahead and introduce myself and get to know some of you fine,inspiring people. My goal weight is approx. 145 pounds + or -, like I said I have a very large frame, even for large framed females, it runs in my family. I guess you've seen the type: strong legs, barrel chests, strong in general. Given my age I feel pretty confident that I could drop a lot of weight(maybe even 100 pounds) by the time I start training in October. I've already started to feel some of the effects of my obesity, sluggish, tired, heart Palps due to nothing else except my eating habbits and general fattness. Anyway, like I sadi in the title of this post, I want to save lives, but first I need to save my own, and I thiink Medifast can help me do that. It's a pleasure to meet you all, and I can't wait to start this journey with you guys all along the way. God bless,
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Postby TonyR » January 31st, 2007, 1:48 pm

Welcome to the board!! I have lost 150 pounds so far...10 more to go...but there are many wome here who have lost over 130 pounds, Nancy the host on here has lost that much so it can be done!! You came to the right place! 8)
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Postby Amber » January 31st, 2007, 1:51 pm

Hi Brittany & Welcome!
You sure can do it and we're here to help.
The three most important things to remember are #1 be compliant, #2 drink your water, and #3 be compliant~
I look forward to following your progress

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Postby Serendipity » January 31st, 2007, 1:59 pm

Hey there. Welcome! I did it and you can, too. You could very well have 100 pound gone by October if you stick to it.
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Postby FutureEMT » January 31st, 2007, 2:02 pm

Thank you all for the warm welcome, I cannot wait to share my progress with you all! :D Oh and congrats to you guys on all the weight you've lost, you look amazing! Now I just need to get my products, come on money...lol :lol:
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Postby hulagirlfromhawaii » January 31st, 2007, 2:13 pm

Welcome to the forum Brittany!!! We'll be cheering for you! :cheermed:

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Postby DonicaB » January 31st, 2007, 3:24 pm

Welcome Brittany~ You have made an excellent decision to start MF and to join this forum. The people here are so inspiring and encouraging.

We all have a commonality that helps us to understand the struggles and temptations we face along this journey. You will definitely find great support here.

DonicaB :bananadance:
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Postby MerryMary » January 31st, 2007, 4:15 pm

Welcome to the forum, Brittany! And welcome to MF! Once you get started it won't be long before you feel better than you have in a long time. I wish you well :)

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Welcome, Brittany!

Postby Seaside » February 1st, 2007, 8:29 am

You can do it! And what an incentive you have, to train as an EMT.

Give the plan a try; I know it sounds like it is very expensive, but when you figure all the money that you spend on fast food, cookies, etc. you actually save money on this plan.
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Postby AmandaRose » February 1st, 2007, 8:40 am

Welcome FutureEMT,

I am an EMT 1 in Nevada although I currently reside in NJ. What wonderful memories I have from the training, you sure have picked a rewarding career. I was on a path for RN, so I took many different medical related certificate programs that offered licenses.

Good luck to you in finding a way to fund your MF journey. We pay up front for all of our monthly food expenses other than the L&G meal we prepare at home.

welcome and I look foward to seeing you on here again some time
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Postby horsey girl » February 1st, 2007, 8:54 am

God Bless and God Speed on your journey, Brittany. Medifast is an investment to start, but that is just because you are buying all that food upfront rather than daily. It's probably not really much more than you are spending now if you add it up. I hope you get the money soon as this is an investment in your long term health and well worth it Welcome!. :D
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Postby Lizabette » February 1st, 2007, 12:41 pm

You can certainly reach your goal in your allotted time---or very close to it!
You will have incentive to stay on course like many others before you.
Meantime keep posting and reading up on the plan.
There are links on Medifast site to get you started off right even before you receive your products.
Can't wait to hear from you... as you begin on this exciting journey!
Lizabette :heart:
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Postby Jan » February 1st, 2007, 1:43 pm

Hi there Brittany,
You are soooo right. :D Weight causes us lots of problems .. the ones you mentioned plus diabetes. I know you can do it... you are young.. better to get the weight off now .. it doesn't get easier as you get older. Our metabolisms start to slow in our 20's ... Humph .. that's not fair at all :cry: And you are right too... you want to be the one coming to help someone ... not the one for which the EMT's are called.
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Postby katieb920 » February 1st, 2007, 4:29 pm

Boy do I agree with saving Money. I am saving about $75.00 a week.

I do not buy any junk. I buy soda but guess what I have not had a diet coke in about a whole week. Where I use to drink 3-4 cans a day.

I really think it is great that you are doing this for yourself. And you are trying to accomplish your dream.
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