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Personal Story........

Postby katesmom » August 1st, 2010, 1:40 pm

Hi all,
Pam here, and I want to say that for the first time in a LONG time I feel good. I had my snoring issues diagnosed as 'sleep apnea' and got a c-pap machine for it...I was having 35 interruptions of sleep an hour per night and was ALWAYS tired in the morning. It affected everything on top of being morbidly obese. I did not have any energy to do anything including cleaning my house...I would pick up what was absolutely necessary and hoped that my DH would do the rest... He did his best and I took 2 naps a day. I also ate whatever I wanted and then some, including take out food, ice-cream, cookies and carbs !! Walking anywhere was a chore as my legs, feet, knees and back ached like nothing I had ever felt before...I would dread going into a restaurant and I always hoped that there would be a "table" to sit at vs. a "booth", because I could not fit into a booth.I realized that I had hit rock bottom and needed desperately to change my life to save my life.......

My Medifast journey began on 8/24/2010. Since then I have lost 5 pounds ........I have a plan to lose at least 100 pounds by my 50th Birthday by April 11th, 2011... I have a party to attend on 7/9/2011 as well and want to look smokin' !! I am in it to win it and nothing can stop me now...Why did I decide to write this now? Because I know that it may help someone join the journey to put down the unhealthy food and save their life...

I am sleeping 8-9 hours a night with no interruptions.
I have an unbelievable amount of energy (cleaned for 8 hours yesterday and 5 hours today).
I FEEL GOOD and have ENERGY !!
No Naps !
Have a positive attitude and want to live a long healthy life...
No Naps!
Look forward to a new exciting day,each day...
Feel happier
More fun to be around
No naps !
Can think more clearly

I know I have a long way to go, but wanted to share my perspective and how much my life is changing one shake at a time !!

Stop by my journal and say hello if you are a newbie or have been here awhile...
Lets do this together !!

Pam - (AKA-Katesmom )
Started 7/24/10
Can't wait to WIN this race !!
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