Leopard Woman, her Jungle Stud & Unca Hit the Road

Meet Terry and Nancy.

Leopard Woman, her Jungle Stud & Unca Hit the Road

Postby Nancy » September 24th, 2004, 8:20 pm

~ Alo-o-o-ha-a-a-a, Kids ~

The MakeMeThinner Gang have packed their bags and are :wave: outta here for three weeks of readin' and sunnin' :shades: , :headphones2: relaxin', swimmin', snorklin', hikin' and bikin' and enjoying the :shades: sights and yes - :bib: the tastes :eat: of Kauai.

The very capable, handsome and THIN Martin will be manning the phone and our office here at the MakeMeThinner Cottage. If any of our clients need :help: HELP :help: Martin will take good care of you. :pet:

Due to a :twisted: time constraint between flights from Honolulu to Lihue, I shall have to meet up with our dear dear HawaiiWhatNot (AKA as - 50# Camille Skinny-Hips-Hula-Lu-la) on my flight back to the mainland. Drat! Wanted to meet her before Caramacs and Kauai Cookies and Hula Pie and Lappert's...)

Unca will be trying out his new video camera (I'm sure he'll be snapping some pictures of the awesome Leopard Woman enjoying life - Because she can!) He'll be 8) biking and hiking the wilderness trails of Kauai with Christopher and Jaime. They will do some snorkeling, swimming and body surfing - Because they can!

Jaime plans on riding a Harley and taking us all for rides on the curves of Waimea Canyon. Chris and Unca will certainly have to document that “as we punch the wind!”

In addition to being our chef, Christopher (who attends Western Culinary Institute and is on a module break) is an excellent photographer and daring young man on the cliffs and in in the surf.

My Jungle Stud (Terry) will be reading - he has a PILE of books in his suitcase, chatting and relaxing with his buddy Steve. For sure Steve will have a suitcase full of books. The Guys love to talk and mess with their :hammer: computers. :puter: Bon Bon & LW will be dragging them into the waters for some snorkeling - Because we want to! Jungle Stud's birthday is Oct. 6th and we will celebrate it with Hula Pie and dinner at Keoki's. :yes:

Our daughter Becky and friends Bon-Bon and Lisa and I will be snorkeling, playing Nertz, SHOPPING!! Lisa is quite a photographer, too. You will surely all hear Bon Bon as she hoots and hollers when she snorkels – she LOVES to see the fish. Becky looks for glimpses of turtles and we all enjoy the spinner dolphins.

Everyone keep :toast: shakin' - drink ALL of your water - report on Sunday Morning Roll Call - you are in my heart and thoughts.

I shall miss you terribly. :tears:

:wavie: Leopard Woman has left the Board! :wavie:
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Postby Lois » September 25th, 2004, 10:56 am



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Call from Bon-Bon and LW in Aloha Land last night

Postby NE gal in South » September 29th, 2004, 6:59 am

They are all having a great time. Bon-Bon and Becky hosted a MEDIFAST Cracker tasting for the fish yesterday. The LW is enjoying the water, sand and sun in her Leopard Suit and Sarong because she can. They are taking lots of pictures. I almost feel like I was there with them for 15 minutes or so.

Friends - I am 6 lbs. from my first goal of breaking out of the 2's. Bought 2 new tee shirts last Saturday in a regular woman's size large and they are fitting good. 16 weeks and 65 lbs. of FLAB GONE. I can hardly believe it. Until I try on clothes and put them in the trunk of the car for Goodwill. KEEP SHAKING - IT WORKS!
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Postby Guest » October 9th, 2004, 4:14 pm

Hey, there NE Gal and Friends of the Forum ~

Bon Bon and Leopard Woman snorked from 7:40 AM until 3 PM on Friday, Oct. 8th. Bon Bon is sunburned and LW is so tan she looks like a native island girl!

Unca rented a bright yellow Prowler and loaned it to Terry and I for the day - we have to be back by 10 PM. ;)

Terry and I just stopped for a few minutes at Borders in Lihue to check out T Mobile and send a few emails. We LOVE it here...

We'll send pictures later for all to see.
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