Lauradr update

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Lauradr update

Postby Nancy » July 12th, 2006, 3:10 pm

Hullo, MakeMeThinner Friends ~

Just wanted to update you about Lauradr.

Our precious friend has been wearing the backless gown again…

Briefly here’s what happened:

Lauradr was in a car accident May 13th and spent 10 days in the hospital recovering from injuries. She headed back to work shortly afterwards with some limitations due to the trauma, a broken wrist and a banged up neck. She had IV corticosteroids at the hospital been prescribed some of the standard pain medications which can make a person feel a bit goofy so rather than continue to take them, she opted for Tylenol PM to help her sleep soundly and the regular strength Tylenol to help her with pain management during the day.

She was recovering and carrying on with life but suddenly began to feel poorly and experience severe pain. Blood tests showed her liver enzymes were off the charts and she ended up in ICU with severe pancreatitis. Laura said she was “very ill, very scared and thought I was gonna meet my Maker.”

Her doctor told her that most likely this was a result of the Tylenol usage. Laura is happy to be free from the IV that tethered her to the bed and back home. She will go back to work in a few weeks when she is feeling stronger. Laura wanted you all to know that she appreciates your concern for her – she is getting well and we are most thankful!

Laura is the third person we know with pancreatitis following the use of Acetaminophen. As she mentioned, often pancreatitis can come with gallbladder disease (laura’s gallbladder was removed long ago), alcoholism (not a factor here) high levels of lipids (fats! Laura is a Medifaster and fat is not a factor here…) trauma (Yup, the car accident) and medications, including acetaminophen…poor Girl, she must feel like a pincushion with the IVs, medications and the blood draws to check her progress! She will continue to be closely monitored with tests done weekly, then monthly.

Laura ~

You are a smile-bringer in every way! We are sorry that you had to suffer so much agony. We are praying for a swift recovery and a pain-free future. We wantcha back to living your thinny life with vitality and joy!
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Postby Dayna » July 12th, 2006, 7:47 pm

Thanks for the update, Nancy.

Laura, you are in our thoughts and prayers. Best wishes for a speedy recovery!
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