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Just wondering....

Postby Arechigasfab4 » October 21st, 2006, 9:50 am

How much do you all think is a good goal for me to aim for by mid march? I am 5'6 and currently 223 lbs. I am 25 years old with 2 kids! I am wanting to lose as much as possible while my hubby is in Iraq, but not sure of a good goal. My first mini goal is 199 but not sure what I could get to by march. What do most of you women lose weekly on average? Do you think age or height or anything like that are factors in the amount we all lose? Does cutting out bars and oatmeal help to lose faster? I know lots of questions but just want to get the max out of this as possible, to knock my honey's socks off when he gets off that plane!! Any tips, ideas or suggestions are totally wanted needed and appreciated. Thanks....Sarah
Please keep my Marine in your prayers, he is deployed to Iraq!
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Postby Elke » October 21st, 2006, 10:33 am

Your Marine and all the others will always remain in my thoughts and prayers...Thank you for your part.
Now down to the questions, I don't know how much height and age have to do with any of this, I would guess age plays a bigger part of loosing than height. I don't know if you have started yet but I believe on average most loos like 7 to 10 lbs in the first week, most of that of-course is water but then after that its about 2 to 3 lbs a week. You will hit platues and not loose a thing but then after the platues there is usually a 4 to 5 lb loss. I have been averaging 10 lbs a month so fat. I have benn on MF for 5 months and I have lost 50 lbs :)
I think if you stick to the plan 100% you will be at 199 by March, maybe even lighter :) I would love to see the look on your Marines face when he sees you. Hope this helps, if not I am sure someone else will come along with better advice.
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Postby Denise » October 21st, 2006, 10:36 am

I agree with Elke. I think 10lbs a month seems to be the pace. Some do lose a little faster..but I think a good average is 10 a month! You will look great in a few months! Good Luck! :D
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Postby PJinCali » October 21st, 2006, 11:34 am

Your brave Marine will be in my thoughts and prayers as will the other brave men & women serving our country. :hug:

I have been on the plan since April 24, 2006 and have lost 78 pounds. However that is really not the whole story. I have also lost 72 inches and have gone from a size 30/32 to a size 16/18. Also, I have gained alot of self confidence and personal satisfaction fighting this battle with my weight. :lightsword:

Good Luck to you, this forum provides lots of support and handy tips on everything from preparing the food :eat: to exercising :weightlift: and water intake :cheers:

Welcome to the forum :kool:


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Postby Jan » October 21st, 2006, 12:55 pm

Hi there Sarah, :D
I'm going to go out on the perverbial limb and say I think if you are very very compliant and drink allll your water .. follow the plan exactly .. that hubby just may find someone in the 170's when he gets home. :D :D You are only 25 so that's a big positive for you... your metabolism hasn't slowed as much .. it slows down each year after age 20 . Your height helps too since you have a bit more muscle mass. You are starting now in Oct at 223 so... I think you can part with at least 50 pounds before March.. maybe even a bit more. At a 50 pound loss you'll weigh in at a thinny 173. I'll bet you can hit 170!! Your marine will have a wonderful happy surprise!! :D :D Keep letting us know how you're doing.. posting helps you to stay accountable and keep your goal in mind.
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Postby casma500 » October 21st, 2006, 4:15 pm

Sarah ~ I have just started as well (Today is Day 1 of the food!)

First, as an Army vet myself, your husband and every other soldier willing to sign up to fight for our country are always in my prayers; I will say an extra one for him (will call him Sarah's husband!) :lol:

I think Jan is right, that you can lose 50 easily by then, as long as you stick to the plan (that may be rough through the holidays) but Nancy has a great saying "Nothing tastes as good as thin feels" that I love!

The studio is a GREAT resource for inspiration -- it is what made up my mind to use this product over others. You can see the before and after, and as soon as I get my "before" pix developed, I will send them to Unca Tim to post them -- I personally think that is a GREAT way to hold yourself accountable. Of course, everyone is different and you may not want to do that.

We can help each other out in the beginning if you would like! Hope this helps ~
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Postby Elke » October 21st, 2006, 6:20 pm

Hey casma500, my son is one of thoes "willing to sign up to fight for our country" boys, he goes to BTC June 13, his MOS is EOD...lots of letters but I am sure you know what they mean, I am savorying every moment with him for the next 8 months :)
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