Important Message From Jeanette

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Important Message From Jeanette

Postby Nancy » September 1st, 2004, 8:00 am

MakeMeThinner Forum Friends ~

One of dear MMT Losers has been away from the public Forum for a while due to a job change and a major move...some of you have wondered where our Jeanette has been...I received a note from her this morning and wish to share it with you. Please keep 'Nette in your prayers.

Dear Family and Friends:

Greetings from sunny (at the moment) Florida! As you may have seen on The Weather Channel and in the news, Hurricane Frances is headed straight for Florida--in fact, it is currently predicted to hit appoximately 20 miles north of where I live (Port St. Lucie). I want to inform you of my plans to ride out the storm.

I will be taking shelter inside the hospital where my boss's wife works as a nurse. (She willl be on duty.) The Cohens have taken me under their wing, and will include me as their "family" during the storm so I can seek shelter with them. Along with Mr. and Mrs. Cohen and me at the shelter will be a family friend, Mrs. Cohen's elderly mother, two dogs, two cats and four birds--quite a crew!

We're taking the next couple of days here at the office to secure computer systems, files and other important documents. I live in a pretty sturdy building made of concrete, so I don't anticipate much damage there.

I estimate that I will still be able to be reached at my cell phone number until the storm hits, but after that, it could be awhile before I can get in touch with anyone. It all depends on how the phone and power lines weather the storm. I would assume that includes internet access as well.

There’s always a chance that the hurricane will take a sharp turn north toward Jacksonville, but, like tornadoes, they are unpredictable in the end. Please keep all of us here in south Florida in your thoughts and prayers.


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Postby RavenKat » September 1st, 2004, 8:09 am

Thanks Nancy!

I will definitely be thinking of Jeanette (and Carrie) during Frances.

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Postby Carrie » September 1st, 2004, 8:23 am

I don't know if you will have the chance to speak to Jeanette but if you do please give her our best wishes.

Also, I'd feel better if she'd evacuate - a Cat 4 hurricane leaves behind extreme damage and this storm is huge in size. Hurricane Charley hit the west coast of Florida as a Category 3 bordering on 4 and there was one hospital there that was extensively damaged. It is easy to be deceived into a sense of security by having a concrete building around you. It makes me nervous to think of her riding it out.

I'll be thinking of her,
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Postby hawaiiwhatnot » September 1st, 2004, 11:10 am


Although you can't read these messages, I hope you know we are all praying for your safety as well as all Floridians. Camille
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