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Postby Nancy » October 12th, 2003, 11:03 pm

Uh Oh…Candy time is coming!

Yep, I saw those humongous bags of snack size Snickers bars at the grocery store today. One of them was callin’ my name. I turned right around and spoke to it (Do you ever do that?).

The conversation went something like this:

Snickers Bars: “Psst. Hey, Nancy! Pssst.” :twisted:

Snickers Bars: “Over here. Deep rich chocolate and caramel…Over here. In the big fat family size bag. Now on sale. Loaded with peanuts. Gooey caramel. :wink:

Mois: “Huh? Are you talkin’ to me?” :shock:

Snickers: “Psst. You NEED to buy this bag for Halloween. It’s what women want. You gotta have this. Buy it. Now! It’s your fave. You NEED it. You DESERVE it.” :evil:

Mois: “Oh, yeah? Well, I remember how you taste! I’ve had Snickers bars before. I have had a whole LOT of Snickers bars before. Probably over 130 pounds worth of Snickers bars! I also remembered that I have a great tasting Medifast Peanut Butter Supplement bar in my purse. I DO NOT NEED a Snicker Bar. I KNOW how thin feels and NOTHING tastes as good as thin feels.” :lol:

I went directly home from the grocery store, popped my PB bar in the freezer for forty-five minutes, lit several candles, turned on the sound system, entered the Hydrangea Room, plopped on my chaise, grabbed a book and ahhh…chocolate PB bliss! :D

I have a lovely Relaxing Room – it’s painted a gorgeous Hydrangea blue and is filled with things that make me feel happy and restful – a skirted royal blue chaise, a teensy rocker with tapestry upholstery, needlepoint and crocheted pillows, doilies, a Victorian lampshade with lace, fringe and beads, an oak bookcase with glass doors, my great grandmother’s handmade quilt, photos of family and friends, two violets in bloom and an old oak telephone with a crank on the side – it really truly works.

When the pressures of life and the call of the Snicker bar try to get you to cave in, go away to a quiet place. Relax. Talk to yourself. You CAN do this. You CAN make wise food choices. You are choosing the healthy way. Remind yourself that your effort will pay off. Food is not your friend. :twisted:

You are a friend to yourself when you choose the healthy way. :P

This is the best weight management plan I have ever been on. When you consistently follow the plan, you will consistently lose weight. There are things that you can do to set yourself up for success.

Be a Boy Scout. ALWAYS be prepared. Never leave home without your shaker jar and a packet or two of shake mix, a bar or soup. Keep extra water in your car, your desk drawer and in your book bag or brief case. If you get stuck in traffic, have a long meeting or if the pastor decides to preach extra long, you are prepared!

I cracked up at church. 8) Last week the service went tad bit longer than usual and I heard the rustle of Mylar wrappers, plastic sippy bottles being opened and few straw slurps! The Medifast bunch were having their fuel supply. We have a “Goody” table after church service and the Medifast bunch were able to make wise food choices because they had their bar or shake prior to visiting the Goody table. They were able to say “NO!” to brownies, pizza, dips ‘n chips and YES to herbal tea, celery, broccoli and pickles.

When Trick or Treat Night rolls around – wear your Boy Scout unie – be tanked up on water, herbal tea and have a choc mint or choc divine bar in the freezer or make a creamy icy shake in the blender. You’ll be able to say “Boo!” to the Snickers bars and “Yeah!” to the things that are good for your bod. This formerly fluffy lady survived Halloween last year and will survive it again this year. So will you. I believe in you.

Remember: Nothing tastes as good as thin feels.

PS I’ll be wearin’ my size four leather pants. Because I can. :lol:
Nothing tastes as good as thin feels...
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