My first week results

Post your weight loss successes or failures here...:)

My first week results

Postby Winter » August 8th, 2004, 3:04 pm

My fist week wasn’t perfect but, overall, I am satisfied with having lost 5 pounds. Because of my unusual schedule, there were a couple of days that I skipped supplements (yes, the kiss of death I know) :? . There was even one day that I cheated- and that was Friday :cry: . The interesting thing about Friday was that I could have cheated very badly and though it was difficult, I did not gorge as I have been doing for most of my young life. I probably consumed about 1100 calories on Friday.

Around midnight, this morning, I couldn’t stop thinking about salty potatoes ship. I had to talk myself out of driving to the store (which is about a 3 mins. away). I was proud that I didn’t do it. :) I took it as a sign that my body simply needs salt. And I have bullion for that purpose.

Today I feel great both physically and mentally. Ordinarily, I might have beaten myself up for having had cheated on Friday. But I won’t because I have continued to fight another day and 6 out of 7 isn’t too bad at all.
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Postby LongWay2go » August 10th, 2004, 12:42 pm


Congratulations on a successful week 1! I've just started as well and am on day 5. When you get that urge to cheat, remember you are doing this for your own well-being, both mental and physical and find a way to stop. Instead of eating those potato chips (or whatever) when you are craving them, lie to yourself and say, "ok, I want to eat potato chips, but I know I can wait an hour. I DO have that much will power!". Then when the hour is up, just think - you made it an hour without cheating. Go for another hour and another and another! You CAN do it!

1100 calories isn't an awful thing but it could easily bring you out of ketosis. It can take 2 or 3 days to get back in so just remember that every time you cheat one day, you're cheating yourself out of 3 or 4 days of weight loss.

Keep a "diet diary". Record your food and especially your thoughts every day. As you get further into the program and start to lose your enthusiasm (and you will!), look back on the early days in your diary and remember what a struggle it was to start. You won't want to stop, I guarantee you! That would mean starting over and going through all that over again!

Find a buddy for support. Someone you can talk to via email or phone whenever you need a little support. You didn't get into this mess alone (finish your plate, young man!) and you can't get out of it alone either.

Remember you are CHANGING YOUR LIFE and that's a big deal! You need help. We all need help. That's why we are here, to seek help and support one another as best we can.

Best of luck to you! I know you can be successful. We all will, and we'll do it together!

- Gerald
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Postby Unca_Tim » August 10th, 2004, 6:30 pm

Great start guys!

Be SURE to come here if you have any struggles.
Keep up the great work.
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