Tell why I am doing this?

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Tell why I am doing this?

Postby lorriehartley » March 31st, 2004, 9:37 pm

Encourage me, I need it. Tell me the benefits, tell me it's worth it, tell me something positive. I have lost my motivation. HELP!
God's mercies are renewed everyday.

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Postby TamiL » April 1st, 2004, 4:39 am

your doing this to feel better about yourself....your doing it to help yourself loose this weight once and for all....your doing it because you want to live...fully...and youve got to do it in baby day at a time so you dont get overwhelmed!!

I lost it last night....all went down the tubes...over sugar and junk food...for whatever reason I ate ( there is a pattern here..last time was just before my period as I can blame that pre-period demon for a little of this) but I dont have to remind myself how CRAPPY it feels waking up with a food hangover...cuz I have one right now...and LORRIE ITS NOT WORTH IT...what did I get last night out of bingeing? nothing but a few extra fat cells and more dimples (deposits I did not need) what do we get out of using food as comfort...other than those few minutes of solice that feels sooo good going down and tastes good..but its soooooo not worth the guilt the minutes after its tasted and swallowed...where did it get me? these are the same questions I ask myself as I did the last time I slipped....why do I not remember this at the time I am shoveling it all in???? I dont get it...the demons work thier magic in our heads..telling us that eating will make that moments hurt or dissapointments go reality all it does is make us feel worthless and defeated.
LORRIE...dont be defeated...DO THIS WITH ME...stick with this...FOR TODAY..just do it...stick with it..and we will take ONE DAY AT A TIME...hold hands and do ONE SHAKE AT A TIME. Im starting over TODAY...a new crappy as my poor tummy feels this morning..I have a major food hangover...havent had one in a while..and I DO NOT MISS THIS FEELING.its the worse in the world!!

LORRIE...get up this morning....shake with me...hold it up and pretend we are TOASTING to our matter how crappy we did..or felt...we are starting FRESH today...go back and re-read some old RESOLVE over again...or which ever you wish....IM NOT GIVING UP...please dont give up either....we all need each other here!


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Postby ErikaEastwood » April 1st, 2004, 7:18 am

Hey its definately worth it! I went into some designer clothes stores yesterday and the ones here dont sell PLUS SIZES. I wouldnt had no business going in there if I couldnt get into the clothes! I was shopping for a easter dress and it felt good to be picky about what I wanted instead of just having to settle for some dress that looked like a TENT and plus sizes are more hard to find than Junior sizes, in this town anyways! I started walking 2 miles every other day starting last Saturday without my legs hurting and that was a big achievement. I even ran some of the ways at times. I went from a size 18 to a 13/14 in like 5-6 weeks and im still losing! Im only 16lbs from my goal. I am really working on losing 6lbs in the next two weeks. I also am going to start doing pilates at home very soon. I up my water intake also. To 64oz x 4 sometimes 5. This has been all mental for me. Lots of discipline. You just got to make up in your mind that your tired of this and you want to change. Not just for your looks but health. Theres so many diseases out there related to being over weight. I want to see my kids grow up and graduate, get married and have babies! I want to grow old with my husband. I dont want to drop dead of a heart attack anytime soon. Thats what motivates me. Saving my own life! The Lord started dealing with me about my weight issue this past year. He was trying to save my life and save some heartache for my family in the future. I know this now. If it wasnt for Jesus I would be on this board right now. This Medifast program has disciplined me in other areas of my life as well. Some to private to speak of but God knows. Its really changed me for the better. Thanks to everyone for all the support and words I needed to hear. I wish you the best !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Postby Jeanette » April 1st, 2004, 7:31 am

You want benefits? Here's my list.

--improved health
--smaller, sexier clothes
--can cross my legs (this is a BIG deal!)
--can walk long distances without tiring
--can climb stairs without being winded
--no longer feel hung over and bloated after binging on sugar
--daily compliments (and I mean DAILY)
--more toned muscles
--inner strength I didn't know I had
--sleep better at night

Anything else??
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Re: Tell why I am doing this?

Postby explorthis » April 1st, 2004, 8:04 am

lorriehartley wrote:Encourage me, I need it. Tell me the benefits, tell me it's worth it, tell me something positive. I have lost my motivation

Lorrie, Lets try and put this in a perspective you can understand easily.

Your current stat's: 178-173/120. You have lost 5 pounds. I see you joined 6 days ago, and have seen a few of your posts.

Tell me the last weight loss program, that you actually lost 5 pounds on, legitimate pounds, not the ones from womanly stuff, or another excuse, but 5 legitimate pounds. Not.

You have 53 pounds to go. Need Motivation? How bout you keep these 53 pounds on for the rest of your life, and you CONTINUE to think about it every time you move. Every time you get up from a chair. Every time you see yourself in the mirror. Every time you eat, alone, with your family, with your friends. Let’s keep the weight on because clothing manufacturers are lowering their costs for people of our size, no longer will we have to pay 400% more for Omar the tent maker sizes. Omar is creating a store so we will not feel embarrassed when we are in the presence of size 1 or 2 women, those men shopping for 3XX shirts are not even thinking about the normal size guys. They are NOT looking at us anyway. Restaurants are realizing we are destined to be fat, so they are getting rid of Super-Size meals. They are not making their booths larger, because they know we eat in secret, in our car, or alone, because we are already fat, and know there is no reason for them to spend additional cash to accommodate us. It’s not our fault we are Fat, its hereditary, so we can't sue them. We don’t care, we are already overweight, and destined to remain this way for life. We DON’T care. Restaurants are being health conscious, instead of a Super-Size, we can just order 3 regular size meals, and eat them. Ordering 3 makes it look like we are ordering for our friends, though they really know we are ordering for us, and have every intention of eating it our self and sharing with no one.

Why would you want to lose weight? You don't want to go to the beach, and wear those wonderful bikini's, or get a tan all over, instead you prefer your Omar outfit, as I do. I prefer the "farmer-tan" from the fore-arm down. He I am unique; I don't want to be thin. Additionally, who cares if I break the 18th century Victorian era chair in my in-laws?

Who cares if I secretly have to each and every time scope out a ride at the amusement park, scared to death every time I will not fit and be belittled because of my weight. Hey, remember, it’s not my fault I am fat. Why would I want to lose the weight, that ring around my belly from the steering wheel in the car, on my $100 Omar the tent maker designer shirt, that I could have gotten from Wal-Mart for $6.96 looks like it will come out in the laundry. Why would I want to lose weight? When I go to a buffet for dinner, they are not looking at me again, secretly saying God, I hope he doesn't eat too much, he is so fat.

Wow, you would think some of this stuff, or occurrences might have happened to me. Naaa, I lost the weight for none of the above reasons.

Trust me, this SMALL amount of time, you will exert losing the weight is WORTH it. Again, I said this once before, or 100 times before, I can not tell you one thing I would trade for this feeling. Not one thing!

You can do it, I did it. Trust me, it's A-L-L worth it, I promise!

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Postby star85 » April 1st, 2004, 8:10 am

When I want to cheat I just think to myself that eating whatever it is I'm craving at the time will feel good, but only for a few minutes while I'm eating it. Then I'll feel like cr*p afterwards. Then I think about how great I felt when I used to be thin and that feeling felt even better and I felt good all the time. Not just for a few minutes. I also think about the fact that anything that I ever really wanted and was meaningfull, was never easy to obtain. I had to work very hard at it. This is no different. Anything that was very easy to obtain or achieve was always very fleeting, not substantial, and did not last or make a big difference in my life. The things that I've had to work the hardest for in my life and achieved, were always the things that ended up being long lasting, the most beneficial and the most rewarding. If all the best things in life were easy, everyone would have them. It's just a matter of whether or not an individual wants something bad enough and if an individual is willing to sacrifies and work hard enough to achieve their goal. It's a personal choice and of course it is not meant to be easy. It does test our inner strength, discipline and willpower. In the end we not only benefit from the weight loss, but we will benefit by developing our inner strenghths and also knowing that we have accomplished something that is very difficult. I think all of these many benefits outweigh the very temporary satisfaction of a craving. I asked myself when I re-started this plan, "Kelyn, if you cannot even control what goes into your mouth, what can you control in your life? Thank you for letting me vent, share, and post here. Good luck.

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Postby Starloser63 » April 1st, 2004, 9:22 am

Jeanette and Mike,

Both posts are great! Thanks to the both of you. Great points in both.


Through Christ all things all possible.
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Postby Jims Chick » April 1st, 2004, 9:40 am


Try my an internet search for medifast success stories. It really is very motivating. Also, take those before pictures..... I use those now when I feel like cheating. I look at my pictures and realize this is the me that everyone sees.....and I've gotta fix that....that is working wonders for me...especially because I have been known to cheat. I also lost motivation and screwed up a lot for a couple of weeks during my second month...but I got back on track. Picture yourself how you want to look...and don't lose sight of that. I was a size 5 before I started having babies.....I may never be a 5 again....but I'm going to work my butt off trying. I'm back to the point where I want to be thin more than I want to eat the junk. The other night I wanted to cheat so bad...I was even planning it out before I ever left work...and thought about it all the way home. So the first thing I did when I walked through the door is went straight to my closet and pulled out a pair of levis...that I just knew would be too small. I bought them 2 years ago when I was doing atkins...they were too tight when I bought them...I wore them once....washed em...and that was all she wrote..... anyway I put them on, buttoned them and zipped them up and they fit me perfect. That was all I needed, I went in and fixed my minestrone soup and I was fine. If you're feeling weak...pray about it....ask for help. My biggest motivation is my kids. I'm planning on building a house with a pool in the next couple of years....I certainly don't want to humiliate my kids by beaching myself on the deck in front on their friends in my current condition. I want to have friends over, bar-b-que, and enjoy the pool....I haven't even owned a swimsuit since 1993. I want to go hiking with my family without feeling disabled because I'm out of breath. I want to learn to ride dirt bikes with my husband and son.....I want my husband to be proud of the way that I look....I want to go for a ride on the back of his sport bike without looking like a wide load.....(I've never ridden with all these years). I want so many things that I can't have until some of this weight is gone.
oh jeez....look at how I babbled :nutz:
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Postby pinkgeek » April 1st, 2004, 10:53 am

You guys are soooo awesome! Mike, Jeanette, and Kelyn's posts were great, to the point, no foo-foo excuses. But Julie, your post nearly made me cry. I want all those things you want. I don't want to be a spectator anymore. Lorrie, do you really want to WATCH everyone else live life, sit on the sidelines and continue to feel bad about yourself, daydream that YOU are the one doing those things, having a good time, being healthy, MOVING and loving it? I know you don' want to participate, otherwise you wouldn't be here. It may be a dream that you will be in that position, but if you stick to the plan (sometimes it is impossibly difficult and being a newbie and all I know and live this), but it can be a realized dream...a fairytale where YOU are the princess and its YOUR happy ending. If you want to eat, come here and tell us, if you need encouragement, tell us! Do what you are, post, read, post, cry if you need to (I did a lot of that), but don't succumb to the temptation of a false comfort that bad food will give you only temporarily. Replace the eating out of boredom and stress with other habits. Run away from the food if you have to. Please be strong, stick it out girl! It does work. What these people are saying is true. I am finally a firm believer. I am on day 11 and I see changes and feel differently and sleep better. On day 4-9, I was posting the same things you are now. I didn't see how I was possibly going to make it. My longest time on a diet in the last 4 years was about 3 days, so I'm sticking to Medifast 3 times longer...This is my goal and for once in my life, I WANT LIFE MORE THAN I WANT "COMFORT" FOOD! That's how I feel today, right now. Tomorrow may be a different story. If it is, I'll be back, leaning on you guys for support to help me through the day. Thank you all again for this forum. Thank you for the hard-edge, to the point advice and for the gentle and caring encouragement. If it weren't for you guys, I wouldn't be here on day 11 telling someone else to please stick with it. Lorrie, once last thing, your LIFE depends on this!

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Postby lorriehartley » April 1st, 2004, 12:12 pm

:D Thanks for all the encouragement and advice. Wow! I love you guys, you replys mean so much.

I made it! I didn't falter, I didn't fail myself, I did it. I am having a good day today emotionally. I did not realize how addicted to food I was. You know I really liked reading the posts thinking MMMMM I am glad I am not like those people. Total Denial. Well I am ready to admit I have a food addiction that needs to be dealt with.

Thank you for your support. It has to be a God thing that when one of us is struggling five have the strength to pick the other one up. Thanks for taking time to pick me up when I was down.

God's mercies are renewed everyday.

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Postby Landylue » April 2nd, 2004, 8:01 pm

Lorrie, you said, "It has to be a God thing that when one of us is struggling five have the strength to pick the other one up."

What a beautiful way to phrase it. The Bible says that God places the lonely into a family. Now, while I was taught that usually means a church family, I believe with all my heart that the family I have through this forum is a God-send, as well. My blood family has spent most of my life being ashamed to be seen with me. Wow. That hurts to even to type it.

I would not have made it this far without you guys. Let me repeat, I would NOT have made it this far without you.

Thank you for your strength.

Failure is NOT an option!
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Postby lorriehartley » April 2nd, 2004, 8:54 pm

Hi Landylue,
Praise God that he looks on the heart and not the outward appreance. I believe that we are made to be a doorway and not a doormat, I can not ever imagine being ashamed to be seen with another human being that God created. That hurts my heart for you. I will be praying for your family members because they are the ones that need a heart transplant.

Love and blessings,
God's mercies are renewed everyday.

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