Question about coupon that came in mail....

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Question about coupon that came in mail....

Postby volsfan199 » April 5th, 2008, 9:34 pm

I know this is probably not the right forum for this question, but seems like the ordering info forum is dead.

I had just received a coupon in the mail the other day for free Momentum when you purchase 200.00 worth of products (coupon said it was $100 value). I misplaced my coupon and was wondering if there was a code on the coupon that can be used when ordering (and that I dont actually "need" the coupon). I'm bummed I misplaced it.

I have been off the diet for a long time now, and want to get started back. I stayed steady the entire time that I was off the diet, and certain things have happened in the passed year that has caused me to turn to food for comfort, and the weight has creeped back up. I dont want to go any further before I take control.


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Postby Mike » April 5th, 2008, 11:42 pm

I PMed you. My understanding is that this is a TSFL promotion that lasts until the end of April. It is only for clients that haven't ordered for more than 60 days.

Other current clients have the BeSlim Club.

Good luck

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