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newcomer - help!

Postby cindyp73 » July 11th, 2007, 6:47 pm

Hello all-
Ok I am a new comer and Ive only been on Medifast for 3 days. I am having great difficulty. I am finding many of the foods I do not like, I can hardly swallow them! I will return some, but I would like to be in this for the long hall- how can I do it? I dont want to be discouraged- but I am holding back the gag reflux after trying the fruit punch! The same effect happened with the soups! Any suggestions??
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Postby katieb920 » July 11th, 2007, 7:03 pm

Welcome aboard.
I was the same way. In the beginning did not like anything. Then all of the sudden my tastebuds changed. Try the fruit punch maybe with some diet sprite. Give it a week or so and you will love it. :D YOu are going to find that you like some things and not the others. I really only have 3 things that I use. 55 choc shake. Maple oatmeal and the rtd's(ready to drink shakes.) every once in awhile I will buy a box of bars.
Good luck and if you need anything just ask.
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Postby DogMa » July 11th, 2007, 7:31 pm

Try checking out the Lean Cuisine section for some suggestions on doctoring things up to make them more to your liking. And your tastes WILL change somewhat (says the lifelong oatmeal-hater who learned to love the stuff while on program).

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Postby Tawanda » July 12th, 2007, 6:52 am

Welcome and my experience is just like Katie and Robin.....I noticed a definite change in what I liked once I was on program for a week or so (wish I could remember how long it took, but I don't). The Tropical Punch is still a flavor I don't enjoy, but I also don't drink it very often.....but if you are like many of us.....your tastebuds will change after sticking to the program and not eating off program foods.

Again......welcome to the MMT forums!
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Postby llrickman » July 12th, 2007, 7:36 am

Hi Cindy and welcome

A few of the things i do are I rarley drink a shake thats not frozen i put it in my bullet with some ice and whirl away.
The soups for me need some doctoring especially the chilli but after that its actually one of my fav's

I add a little chilli powder,maybe some garlic powder, a few slices of sliced jalapeno and a lil juice from the jar to the chilli and love it

The cream soups i use a submersible blender thingy the whip them up if i dont they come out real lumpy also i might add a 1/2 tsp of Better than Boullion to them too I love the Lobster BTB added to the cream of broccoli

Another thing is with soups like chilli, Chicken and wild rice, Minestrone, etc.. you have to let them soak a while before eating them to let the dehydrated veggies and things rehydrate. matter of fact i have a Chicken and Wild rice in the fridge soaking now for lunch

Most defiantely check out the lean cuisine section you will find some wonderful recipes for MF meals and for your L&G

I love the mexican chicken we hare going to a friends house tonight and making it for all :)

I hope this helps dont give up this program works. I have lost 40lbs so far and am 4 1/2 weeks in soon it will become almost second nature

The things that i have had the most problem with have been some of the bars especially the Peanut Butter Diabetic and i LOVEEEEEEE Peanut butter but i have to choke that one down

Good luck and just remember what the outcome will be when your done

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Postby Mickeyz » July 12th, 2007, 8:31 am


Ditto on what everyone has said. Your tastes will adjust. Some things you just won't like and others you will. Try mixing your shakes with some extracts or in the blender with ice and diet soda. Put away the things you just can't handle right now and try them again later.

Hang in there, it is so worth it!
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Postby Mike » July 12th, 2007, 11:24 am

You have some great ideas from these great folks. :idea:
Personally, with the punch I mix it with SF lemonade and it's great. :guzzle:
Most of the soups I add garlic and chili powder and/or pepper. A little hlot sauce to the chili and stew is good also. :bigidea:
My wife adds chili flakes to most of them. :tongue:
I add SF torani syrup to the oatmeals, or I make them into the cookies (see the box), or pancakes (using MF eggs - see Lean Cuisine section). :flip:

My wife adds Vanilla, Chocolate, or Banana shakes to coffee. I add the hot cocoa to coffee.

Hope these suggestions help. At first you may just need to adjust to the taste.... it grows on you..... all of us here can't be wrong :roll:

Don't forget to register at the bottom so that you can use all areas of this forum. :mrgreen:
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