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Postby Elke » June 4th, 2006, 8:55 pm

Welcome Tabitha, You are gonna do great! You have a great mentor in your mom.
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Postby emarooster » June 5th, 2006, 5:56 pm

You can do this and we will all be here to help you along the way. :bouncieball::bouncieball::bouncieball::bouncieball:
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Postby dede4wd » June 7th, 2006, 8:47 pm

Welcome Tabitha!

I'm so glad you've joined us! It is so cool that you're getting healthy NOW! A LOT of us wish we had gotten our weight and health under control at your age! You're going to look SO GREAT! I'm happy you're here!

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Postby Tankie » June 7th, 2006, 11:58 pm

Glad to see you here Tabitha, you're a very smart girl to start this and get things under control at your age. Pretty soon your mom is gonna have to take you to the mall to pick up some new gear. Heh heh.....if I was your age I'd be hitting up the Hot Topic store no doubts!!!!

Best of luck!!!!
We all know you can do it, besides you're living with the best example of what is possible!!!

Amy :yeah:
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Postby electra000 » June 8th, 2006, 8:36 am

Welcome Tabitha ! You are a very lucky girl to have a Mom like yours ! You will do great on the program and we are here to help along the way ! :stroll:
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Postby DntCryLilEmoGrl » June 8th, 2006, 10:01 am

hey tabitha! with a mom like yours behind you i bet you are going to do great and feel much better too! welcome to the family :) im also doing this with family, my aunt and my cousin (rayray she is also on the message board too)
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Postby ChiNut » June 8th, 2006, 5:40 pm

Hi Tabitha! :wave: So glad to have you join us. I have a 14 year old son who is going to be in the 9th grade this coming school year. Aren't boys just crazy? :lol: :lol:
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Postby Tabitha Anne » June 15th, 2006, 2:32 pm

Thanks to you all for your replys ... :P ... I did go off it for like a week becuase i went to my sisters house to stay with her for awhile and with all that goin on i just couldnt continue with the diet at that time ... but I am bak on it as of right now ... :yes: lol ... but yea umm i am doin well but my mom just bought pizza for my dad and brother which is really hard for me right now ... :pace: ... but ill get over it lol ok well thx to all of you again ... much love to all ... Tabitha
Tabitha Anne
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Postby electra000 » June 15th, 2006, 2:37 pm

:wave: HeyTabitha! Glad you are back ! Be strong and avoid the pizza. Just think how good you will feel. You have such a wonderful role model for a Mom. You can do this! Just think how great you will feel when school starts and you can get into a smaller size jeans!! :clap:
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Postby Elke » June 15th, 2006, 2:42 pm

Hi Tabitha, I know its hard for you, you need to be strong and think about why you want to loose weight. Think about how healthy you will be when you reach goal.
Hold your head up sweetie and know that you can do this....step away from the pizza :)
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Postby supermom » June 15th, 2006, 7:22 pm

Hi Tabitha!! You don't know me, but I want to tell you how PROUD I am of you. You made a choice to take control of your life NOW, while you are young and full of energy instead of waiting until you are an adult with a husband and kids like many of us did. Your mom is a beautiful and inspirational person. Lean on her all you can. She is sooooo strong. And look at how great she has done!!! And just think-----with the move, and the new bod, you will practically have a new life!! Enjoy your youth, Tabitha. And, enjoy your health. Oh---about that pizza---that is tough, isn't it! Maybe when she gets pizza for the boys, ya'll could go out for a salad and a walk!! Have some "girl talk".
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Postby Mike » June 15th, 2006, 8:45 pm

Congrats on starting. As an 8th grade teacher I know about all of the struggles that people your age are going through. I also know firsthand what it can be like to need to lose a bit. I was 320 lb guy at 16 years old.
Good luck to you and welcome.
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Postby SharonR » June 16th, 2006, 8:30 am

Just think of how incredibly cute you are going to be when you start back to school...look out boys! ;) 8)
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Postby Diana » June 17th, 2006, 12:29 am

Oh, man! The PIZZA torture! That's worse than the hot buttered popcorn torture!

I'm SO PROUD of you for not giving in!!! Look how strong you're getting already? My dad has a saying: Somethings never get easy; they just get hard less often. It WILL get hard less often to just walk by things that smell great and not want a piece. Honest!

For me, it's cake! And this time of year, they seem to be everywhere!!! :help:
Here's to our mutual success! :buddies: --Diana
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Postby Joelie » June 17th, 2006, 9:07 am


Tabitha! What a lucky girl you are to have such a GREAT mom in your corner! CONGRATS on your decision on becoming a healthier you! :woohoo:
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