New BeSlim Club & Rewards Program

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New BeSlim Club & Rewards Program

Postby Nancy » June 2nd, 2007, 12:59 am

:cleader: Introducing the New BeSlim Club & Rewards Program! :cleader:

Beginning today, June 1, 2007

Optimal :weightlift: Health is its own reward…but now you can earn a bonus along the way!

:cool: We are :bounce: pleased to announce:

The NEW and improved BeSlim Club & Rewards Program

Available for all TSFL clients and Health Coaches!

You’ve made a commitment to lose weight and keep it off; you’ve earned the right to :cheers: celebrate your success!

BeSlim Club & Rewards Program offers benefits beyond the former BeSlim Club.

It is still Take Shape For Life's progressive savings program, offering our clients and Health Coaches an easy way to obtain their Medifast Meals at a savings…
• now there are no minimum order levels
• you receive discounts earlier
• you can earn exclusive rewards along the way!

The BeSlim Club offers you new rewards and new discounts (5% on your VERY FIRST order!)

1 free week of food in month 1 and month 2

the opportunity to select from exclusive Take Shape For Life merchandise, including:
Apparel :shades:
:biker: Exercise Equipment
Spa :pet: Trips, and more!

:scratchhead: Who wouldn’t want that along with the support of your amazing Health Coach? :huh:

As always, the longer you are a member of the BeSlim Club & Rewards Program, the more significant your savings are and the greater number of rewards points you’ll earn.

Effective today, June 1st, 2007, if you are a BeSlim Club member, you are now a BeSlim Club & Rewards Program Member!


As a member of the Take Shape For Life BeSlim Club & Rewards Program, you:

• Enjoy your favorite Medifast :eat: Meals all month long, with orders conveniently shipped right to your door
• Save on your meal purchases and enjoy increased savings the longer you’re on the program • Earn points towards exclusive rewards that promote healthy living
• Receive coupons for special savings
• Enrich your life as you achieve Optimal Health

Available to all, the BeSlim Club & Rewards Program is a great way for individuals to learn and practice the BeSlim™ philosophy.

Every time you order, you earn points towards healthful rewards.

Here’s how it works:
• As of June 1st, a client can join the BeSlim Club & Rewards program with their first order.

• No minimum purchase (you don’t have to spend $75.00 minimum on a BeSlim Club order like the former plan).

• You will receive 1 free week with the purchase of a 1-month kit and a 5% discount on your very 1st order!

• You will receive 1 free week with the purchase of a 1-month kit and a 5% discount on your 2nd order!

• With each purchase, you will earn 1 point for every dollar spent on your BeSlim Club order (i.e. if your BeSlim Club order = $200, you earn 200 points!).

• In the 3rd month of ordering you will receive an additional 50 bonus points to add to your rewards points total.

• In each successive month, you continue to receive progressive savings and earn rewards points

(click on our co-branded website then click on the BeSlim Club link to see the chart showing your savings and points rewards, log on with your Client ID # and password.

:secret: This is your personal TSFL ‘Back Office.”

Click on ‘Documents on Demand’, and click on ‘BeSlim Club’ to access the new brochure.

It’s that simple!

When you’re ready, redeem your points and select exclusive Take Shape For Life merchandise (exciting apparel, exercise equipment, and other healthful rewards.

Important Information for All Existing BeSlim Club Members (clients and Health Coaches):

As an existing BeSlim Club Member, have already been accruing points, since May 1st! :dance:

So…if you had a BeSlim Club order in May, you’ve accrued 1 reward point for each dollar you spent on your BeSlim Club order in May.

Although the program begins for new clients on June 1st, points started accruing on May 1st for existing members.

Even if you have been a BeSlim Club member for 6 months, 1 year, or 2 years, or however long, your points started accruing on May 1st.

• The first month for redeeming rewards points will be August 2007.

The actual rewards will be announced at the TSFL National Summer Convention, July 25-28 and not before.

(The rewards really truly pock-a-dooly will NOT be revealed until then!!!)

For those of you currently in the BeSlim Club, congratulations on your new membership in the BeSlim Club & Rewards Program!

You don’t have to do a thing! You’re automatically enrolled!
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