Jeanette is alive and well!

Meet Terry and Nancy.

Jeanette is alive and well!

Postby Nancy » September 8th, 2004, 11:26 am

Hello Fabulous Losers one and all ~

I just received wonderful news from Jeanette and wanted to pass it on to you. God is good! Thank you for praying for her safety and for others, too.

Hi all--

Just a note to let you know I did not get blown away
in Hurricane Frances! Frances came ashore within
about 20 miles of where I live. Thanks to all your
prayers and good wishes, we came through with minimal structural damage and no personal injuries.

We had been without electricity and running water
until last night. The temperatures have been in the
90's since the storm stopped, which has made it quite
humid. It was pretty sticky and gross for awhile as
we spent time cleaning up after the storm. That first
shower after the power came back on was GREAT!! It's
amazing how easily I had taken simple things for
granted, like refreshing showers, flushing toilets and
fresh milk for my cereal.

A natural disaster like a hurricane is a great study
in human nature. The majority of people here in
Florida have worked cooperatively with one another,
despite the sweltering heat and long lines for
water, food and ice. Not everyone was so cooperative
before the storm hit, however--lots of arguments and
down right fistfights at some hardware spots (the
ruckus was about plywood!)

So far the groceries here have not re-stocked with
perishable items, so it's still canned soup and
crackers for another day or so. There was an oasis
though--a Wendy's close by that opened last night with
a limited menu--imagine waiting in line for 30 minutes
or more for a chicken sandwich and fries!! No fountain
drinks yet--the water supply is still questionable.

Thanks to all of you who wrote or called to check on
me (and one person who text messaged me at 5 am
Saturday morning!). It was great to come back online
briefly to see so many greetings waiting for me!

Take care!

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Postby DutchChoc » September 8th, 2004, 5:34 pm

That IS good news! Home sweet home, this is.
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Postby Lois » September 9th, 2004, 8:08 am

Hi Jeanette,

SOOooooo glad you are well and safe. You are in my prayers daily.

love and hugs,

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