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Postby emarooster » June 5th, 2006, 9:15 pm

:woohoo: I am now a real-life medi-faster. My first day is drawing to a close. Like, drmjwdvm, I have a thumping headache. :bricks: I’m glad to know it’s only temporary. Had some hunger today :tongue: , too, but nothing insurmountable. It looks like WATER is going to be my Achilles heel. I put a gallon jug of water in the fridge last night figuring that I could more easily keep track of my fluid intake if I filled my glass from the jug all day. What I found is that I don’t drink enough water to keep a lizard alive. :whattha: It’s 8:48 pm (CA time) and I’m not even to the halfway point yet. I have not had any diet soda or Crystal Lite to drink, and yet I feel like my eyeballs are floating. I absolutely have to drink my water as I am already at risk for dehydration without MF. This was my MD’s one reservation about this program, but I promised her I would drink all my water and then some. Does anyone have to tips they use to be able to drink all this water? :water::water::water::water::water: HELP!
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Postby DogMa » June 5th, 2006, 9:32 pm

I have a couple.

First, although I used to only like my water cold, I found that I'm able to drink a lot more if it's room temperature.

Second, rather than setting a minimum for the day, I set minimums throughout the day. I drink two half-liter bottles with breakfast, then two more with lunch, then one with each meal after that (this adds up to more than enough, so you could try just one bottle with each meal instead).

To get down each portion with your meal, you could even parcel it out even more. Have a drink of water after every bite of food.

It'll get easier. I started out with eight glasses a day, but I doubled that pretty quickly.

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Postby Mike » June 5th, 2006, 9:41 pm

I had gastric bypass in 2003 and with that I had to drink 64 oz a day so I got used to carrying around a bottle all the time. As a teacher I just keep it with me. I have one during 2nd, 3rd, and 4th period then one 6th, then one more later during the day. I got tired of just water (and just can't do it room temp... its gotta be cold)... so I also drink Propel Fitness Water. Decaf coffee during the day makes it easier (just one though).
I also have found that things like sugar free Lemon or Orangeade from Tropican makes it easier to get in the fluids.
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Postby Arklahoma » June 6th, 2006, 3:17 am

For me, getting all the water in was just mind over matter. It took persistence and trial/error. What works best for me, is to drink a 16 oz bottle of water between every MF meal which gets me to the bare minimum. I usually have at least one caffeine free diet soda or a crystal light in addition, but I always tell myself that I can't have the next MF item until I've had the required water in between.

Keep trying and you'll soon find what works for you.
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Postby Serendipity » June 6th, 2006, 5:05 am

I always drink 16 oz. of water right from the tap when I get up in the morning. Then at work, I have a 16 oz. water bottle that I like (it's pink and has a big straw). When I go to the faucet to fill it, I fill it once and drink it right there, then I fill it again to take back to my desk.

I found that when I stopped putting ice in my water it was much easier to drink mass quantities.

On days when I'm behind on my water, I add a few grains of Crystal Lite (about 1/4 tsp.) and chug-a-lug it.

When I started Medifast, getting all the water in was my biggest hurdle. Don't worry, it gets easier. Just work your way up a little more each day and soon you'll be swimming with the rest of us. :shock:
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Postby Aerie » June 6th, 2006, 5:09 am

I can't drink enough water if I'm using a glass/cup. I know that's wierd but anyways.... I have a large water bottle (recycled Poland Springs Bottle) and I sip at it all day. Two bottles equals my minimum and I don't have a problem getting it in if I start early in the am and sip all day long. It's definitely mental but it works for me.
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Postby falisamarie » June 6th, 2006, 5:31 am

I am the opposite of Robin and Jo. If I try to drink my water any way other than ice cold I gag on it! I put mine in 20oz bottles and stick 2 in my freezer when I make my MF meal and drink them both in between meals. So I have 40oz in between each meal.

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Postby Elke » June 6th, 2006, 6:14 am

I went and bought a cute little water container that holds 32oz. I drink one between 7am and 12 noon, refil it and that holds me till I get off work at 4 pm. I usually have another one at home. That gives me more than enough water and I'm not having to chug it all at once.
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Postby VTGirlie » June 6th, 2006, 6:23 am

Hi there!

Everyone has really good advice- I think water is hard habit to get into- especially at first because you have to PEE all the time!!!! :water: :roll:

It does go to show that everyone learns how they can best drink water differently. What works for one person may not work for someone else!

I tend to do really well with a Nalgene Bottle OR a big 32 oz cup and a straw. For me, drinking through a straw makes it easier for whatever reason. And I like cold water to sip but warm water to guzzle.

I guess the only other thing is that I've learned the hard way not to drink much after about 7 pm or else I'm up ALL night. And that makes me Not Very Fun to Be With the next day! :hammer:

Anyway, sounds like you are off to a great start- good luck- you'll do great!!!!
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Postby GucciGoo » June 6th, 2006, 7:42 am

I hate water. I have to "fool myself" into drinking it. For instance, when I go to the gym I will buy a 1 liter bottle when I walk in. I drink it while exercising, then in the car to pick up my son from daycare, and then on the way home. (That was 5 glasses there) I tell myself it has to be empty before I get home. I also bring a 16 oz water bottle with me in the car on the way to work (2 more glasses)- and tell myself I have to finish it before I get there.

I am sometimes very bad with my water (like yesterday when I only had 5 glasses---oops) but I am only hurting my own weight loss.

Good luck!
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Postby DogMa » June 6th, 2006, 8:43 am

Seems like the one running theme is to not focus on the whole day's worth of water and instead split it up into mini-goals.

Good luck to you!!

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Postby Paradox » June 6th, 2006, 10:18 am

The only way I can is room temp also. I found if I keep a bottle of water in my hand all day I drink it with out thinking about it. :)
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Postby TheShadow » June 6th, 2006, 11:08 am

I don't have a problem with this as I drank a lot of water before. But what I have always done is the same as Elke. Get a 32 oz cup with straw, mine is like a sport bottle thing with a straw, and just fill it twice during the work day, and sip on it all day. Sometimes I think that I just filled it and I pick it up and it's empty already. How'd that happen?? Where I work every one walks around with one and takes it to meetings, etc. After work I drink a couple glasses of crystal light or ice tea and I always drink almost a full cup of water with my pills in the am.
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Postby Unca_Tim » June 6th, 2006, 11:40 am

Another running theme that seems to help, is whatever you do, keep your water always available at arms reach. It becomes second nature after a while.

Also, if you can get your quota by 8-10pm, or a couple hours before bedtime (whenever that is for you), you can empty the "tank" just before beddie and keep from floating out of bed.
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Postby ascicles » June 6th, 2006, 12:02 pm

DogMa wrote:I have a couple.

First, although I used to only like my water cold, I found that I'm able to drink a lot more if it's room temperature.

Same here. Drinking enough water has never been a huge issue for me, but I find that I can drink it much easier at room temperature.

I will usually put a few pieces of ice in a 64 oz. bottle when I fill it up, but that only keeps it cold for a few hours.
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