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Postby susan » April 23rd, 2004, 9:22 pm

gosh what wonderful posts and maggie i sure can relate to almost all of these and now I can say I can do a lot of them but still have 40# to go .you will suceed and so will I and all the rest will to we are a family and we will all stick together. I thank the lord for all of you .the greastest people in the world is right here on this forum helping each other to thier goals. I know this is the caring bunch of people I have ever known . and I thank you all for being here for each other .and me
I am not a quiter I will hang in there tillI get to goal with the good lords help
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Postby Nancy » April 25th, 2004, 10:09 pm

Hi, Kids ~

Yeah! I :heart: seeing your reasons for wanting to lose your excess poundage. Gosh, you ARE very candid and that is a good thing. I have some things on my list that I didn't even share with Terry but I DID have some of your same reasons on my "Why" list, too.

When your "WHY" is bigger than your fear, you can get there.

Many of us were (and some of you ARE) scared about starting ANOTHER weight loss program because like me, you have tried some before and failed.

We are all vulnerable when we tell someone else that we are on (look out, here it comes, I HATE this word, it makes my arm hairs stand up...) A DIEt. Because we think about what others must be thinking about us, right? "Cuz we've thought those very same mean-spirited thoughts about others on DIEts and similar thoughts about ourselves, too.

We can get to our goal weight WHEN we have a reason to make some life-long changes. Your "WHY" lists are superb. Read them daily, they will keep you on track.

Get rid of the baggy clothing. Do not wear stretchy waistband pants. No more bagaloons! Wear form fitting clothing when you get to your goal. Can't you just picture Mike now in his form fitting levis? Ahhhh...what a cool specimen of mankind he is!

Just you wait – soon you will be able to make a list of all the things you CAN DO, too!

Some of the things written on my Because I Can list:

1. Slide into the back seat of a car and easily get out.

2. Walk into a room or walk across the stage with confidence.

3. Have people in my building actually pay attention to me and call me by my name.

4. Feel comfy dressing and undressing in the daylight, not in the closet…

5. Go potty in a normal stall and not the Disabled Stall because now I fit!

6. Fit in the seats at the amusement parks.

7. Sit on my husband’s lap!

8. Have more $ to spend on clothes because small clothes are cheaper than larger size clothing

I had a massage at the women’s conference I attended this last Friday night – one of those chair massages. In a public place and I felt comfy having it. This is practically the first time I have ever had a massage. I had one a long time ago after I had been in a car accident but I felt so uncomfortable taking off my clothes and having portions of my bod exposed that I never went back again.

The Friday night massage was part of a Posh Party we attended. There was a group of about 80 people, with several activities going on simultaneously: three masseuses, two make-up artists doing new looks, champagne and Hors D'oeuvres to die for - choc covered strawberries, cheesecake bites, biscotti and some cream filled pastries, music and chatting, etc.

I am on Program this week (because I broke my rule of Not overeating two days in a row…and am paying for it now) so I had two bottles of water, a chocolate RTD and politely said “Oh, thank you so much for your great service, but I shall have to say no, not right now, maybe later” when offered the champagne and Hors D’oeuvres.

My friend who was with me didn’t want to have a massage – she said her buns are big and she didn’t like the way we had to sit on the massage stool – with our backside to the people waiting in line for their massages. She said that the manner in which one must sit on the massage stool would expose her bun width even more. She didn’t want the masseuse to feel her back fat rolls and she didn’t want to take off her jacket with onlookers in the vicinity because they would see her arms flap when the masseuse massaged her fat arms.

I thought to myself – those were my very thoughts BM (Before Medifast). Now that I am AM (After Medifast) I can write this phrase on my Because I Can List: have a massage. In Public. It was great. I loved it.

Oh, the list just goes on and on. The best part is just feeling happy and healthy in the skin I am in. I feel free to be who I was created to be!

Soon and very soon you will be there, too!
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Postby Carrie » April 26th, 2004, 5:32 am

Hi gang,

It's funny I was thinking that we have so many new people right now that we should re-visit our 'reasons' lists. (and that it's a great reminder to each of us WHY we are doing this).

Most everything Maggie and Nancy posted are reasons of mine as well. I'll add a few more that are on my list:

1. wear bracelets and anklets
2. fit in the airplane seat, seatbelt, and get the tray table and chair arm all the way down
3. grocery shop without shame, thinking people are disgusted by my cart full of junk food
4. go to the beach, and scuba dive and feel good about the way I look
5. wear a great costume this Halloween
6. go to my next high school reunion
7. eat in front of people without feeling shame
8. have my picture taken without dreading it
9. use a regular towel instead of a bath SHEET
11. to avoid diabetes and heart disease and joint problems
12. to wear form fitting clothes instead of the baggy tents I have worn for years
13. to feel NORMAL, like I blend into the crowd
14. to shop for lingerie (Victoria's Secret HERE I COME!!)

My list is a LOT longer, but that'll do for now. I'm so glad we broughtthis up again, sometimes in the difficult times we forget WHY we're doing this because we can't think of anything but food. This was a good reminder and motivator! Thanks Maggie!

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